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4 days in Andros – Best things to do

Maximize your Andros adventure in just 4 days! Explore ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and lively towns with our essential travel guide.
4 days in Andros

Just a two-hour ferry ride from the port of Rafina will bring you to Andros, the northernmost island of the Cyclades. Lush with greenery, flowing waters, historical monasteries, and elegant mansions, it’s a feast for the senses. Plus, the beaches are stunning, and the sunsets? Absolutely dreamy.

Andros, the second largest island in the Cyclades, is a treasure trove of history, nature, and traditions. It’s a perfect spot for a quick getaway from Athens, especially if you’re into art, hiking trails, and food—I mean, who isn’t?

Don’t expect to see everything in just four days, but you can definitely get a taste of what this charming island has to offer. Known for its hospitable locals and rich maritime heritage, Andros captivates visitors from around the globe. Trust me, it’s a place you won’t forget.

1st Day

Gavrio Port of Andros
Gavrio Port / photo: wikipedia

As soon as you disembark in Andros, you’ll find yourself in Gavrio, the island’s main port. What used to be a quaint fishing village transformed in the 1970s when ferry routes to Chora ceased. It’s the first taste of the island’s charm that greets you.

Today, Gavrio is bustling with cafes and taverns, travel agencies, car rentals, and accommodations. While the ferry traffic calms, why not welcome yourself to Andros with a traditional Greek coffee or a refreshing sumada, accompanied by some of the island’s famous sweets like nougatina?

Chryssi Ammos beach
Chryssi Ammos beach

If you’re itching for a swim, you’re in luck. Just a stone’s throw from Gavrio are some of the island’s most beautiful organized beaches such as Agios Petros, Chryssi Ammos (Golden Sand), and Kypri.

A mere four minutes from the port is the welcoming sands of Agios Petros Beach, the largest on the island. Its length guarantees you’ll find a spot even in the bustling month of August.

Before you melt away on the beach, take a short trip up to the village of Agios Petros, perched above Gavrio. Apart from the charming traditional settlement, you can visit the Tower of Agios Petros, a well-preserved Hellenistic tower dating back to the 4th-3rd century BC, offering stunning views over the area.

Tower of Agios Petros, Andros island
Tower of Agios Petros

If you’re drawn to monastic history, the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, just a quarter-hour from Gavrio, is a must-visit. This 14th-century monastery started as a Byzantine school and was transformed into a nunnery in 1928. It features a Byzantine style with an intricate wooden temple, housing a vast library and a museum with sacred vestments, utensils, and a collection of prehistoric tools.

Combine your visit with a dip at Kypri Beach. With its shallow waters, it’s ideal for water sports. Named after the small church of Saint Cyprian located there, you’ll also find plenty of taverns to dine at.

However, for the best meal in the area, especially if you’re a meat lover, head towards Kato and Ano Fello. About 8 kilometers from Gavrio, in a picturesque setting, you’ll find the now-famous Kossis tavern and farm, where the island’s most delicious and well-prepared meats are served.

After indulging at the tavern, if you’re up for experiencing Andros’ nightlife, make your way to the bars in Batsi. Just 8 kilometers from Gavrio and 27 from Chora, it’s the perfect spot to round off your day.

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2nd Day

On your second day, venture to the ancient capital of Andros, Paleopolis, unearthed through 19th-century excavations. Flourishing from the 6th century BC to the 6th century AD, Paleopolis was the sole city on the island during the classical era.

After exploring the archaeological site, take a dip at the nearby Paleopolis beach or head inland to the village of Menites, located roughly at Andros’ center. It’s arguably the greenest part of the island, where you can marvel at water streaming from the marble “Lion Springs” amidst sycamore and walnut trees.

Lion Springs in Menites, Andros
Lion Springs in Menites

If you resist the temptation to grab a drink under the historic shade of the “Karydies” cafe, continue east to another quaint village, Strapouries.

Here, amidst lush vegetation and abundant water, you can admire the impressive Gkremnistras rock and the Athinaion Tower, one of the island’s most stunning modern monuments in art nouveau style.

Piso Gialia beach, Andros island
Piso Gialia beach

Next, make a stop in Apoikia to see the Pythara waterfalls—a brief 15-minute walk through a verdant landscape known locally as a fairyland because of its enchanting beauty.

Just a kilometer beyond Apoikia, in the Archontas area, the old monastery of Agia Irini, dating back to 1780, houses intriguing collections, including musical instruments and fossils.

From Apoikia, either continue east to dive into the waters of Piso Gialia Beach or head towards Chora, where you can stroll or enjoy a refreshing drink at the Lithi Cocktail Bar.

3rd Day

Castle of Andros
Castle of Andros / photo: wikipedia

On your third day, dedicate it entirely to exploring Chora, the capital of Andros and undoubtedly the most picturesque settlement on the island, brimming with history and culture. Built on a peninsula that extends to a tiny island with the ruins of a Venetian castle, Chora is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Start your morning with a stroll through the market on Empirikos Street, or enjoy a leisurely coffee under the plane trees at the lower end of this central pedestrian way.

If you’re intrigued by ancient times, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum. It houses significant finds from various periods of Andros, from the Archaic to the Venetian era.

However, if modern art sparks your interest more, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basil and Eliza Goulandris Foundation is right in the heart of the town. This museum not only showcases a permanent collection but also hosts fascinating temporary exhibitions.

Neimporio beach, Andros
Neimporio beach

Make sure to climb up to the museum’s dome for a panoramic view of the entire waterfront, from Neimporio Beach to the chapel of Agia Thalassini.

Walking through the old part of the town is delightful. Take your time to admire the bronze statue of the Unknown Sailor at Riva Square, wander towards Plakoura to soak in the views from Agia Thalassini Chapel, or explore the abandoned Xenia hotel all the way down to Neimporio Beach.

Paraporti beach
Paraporti beach / photo: wikipedia

Strolling through Chora, with its splendid mansions and lush gardens, is truly captivating. If you fancy a swim, choose from two popular beaches nearby—either north or south of the capital.

North of Chora is Neimporio Beach, known for its historic yacht club and delightful fish taverns. To the south lies the wilder Paraporti Beach, offering stunning views of the peninsula and Tourlitis Lighthouse.

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Andros island
Tourlitis Lighthouse

Tourlitis Lighthouse, a unique symbol of Andros, stands majestically on a rock in the sea since 1887, marking the harbor’s entrance opposite the Venetian castle. It’s the only lighthouse in Europe built on a sea rock.

After enjoying a sunset at the beach, climb the Theoskepasti stairs back to the town, leading up to Kairis Square. From there, the gastronomic delights of Chora await along the pedestrian paths.

If you’re a meat lover, a must-try is the lemon-scented lamb or wine-cooked rooster at “Skalakia.” 

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4rth Day

Korthi Bay. Andros
Korthi Bay

Another captivating part of the island to explore is the southwestern area around Korthi Bay and its impressive villages. Start your day with a coffee in the lush village of Syneti, just 9 kilometers from Chora, or dive into the crystal-clear waters at the beach bearing the same name, known for its wild beauty.

Next, head to the village of Kochylou to visit the Venetian-era Pano Kastro, also known as Kastro Faneromenis or Gria’s Kastro. The castle offers not only ruins of houses and aqueducts but also a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

After the castle, make your way to Dipotamata, where you can cool off and enjoy one of the most enviable spots on the island. This area boasts exceptional beauty with old watermills and stone bridges, a perfect blend of nature and cultural heritage.

Another gem in the area is Episkopio, a charming village that feels nothing like an island. With its cobblestone paths and stone houses, the village is also known for its famous “Bridge of Love,” or “Little England” bridge.

The entire area is dotted with beautiful villages featuring rivers, bridges, mills, and tower houses that make you forget you’re on a Cycladic island. If you’re up for a hike, take one of the ancient trails that reveal the full magic of this unique landscape.

Tis grias to Pidima beach, Andros island
Grias to Pidima beach

If you crave the sea again, try swimming at one of Korthi Bay’s three beaches: Mylos Beach, Vintsi-Agia Aikaterini Beach, or the famous Grias to Pidima Beach.

For a meal in Korthi, definitely dine at Gigis—just ask the locals, and they’ll point you right. Sea Satin Nino might not have a sea view, but it’s nestled on a beautiful pedestrian street under the mulberry trees. From pizza to gourmet dishes based on local delights, it’s a perfect way to round off your day.

Where to stay in Andros

Batsi, Andros

Before planning your trip, deciding where to stay on Andros is crucial. This island isn’t just expansive; it’s mountainous, with four mountain ranges dividing it into five distinct regions. The coastline is predominantly rocky and stretches for 176 kilometers.

Gavrio is the main port, located in the northwest and 32 kilometers away from Chora, the island’s capital, which sits in the southeast. Chora is among the island’s most picturesque spots but isn’t known for its nightlife. For a livelier evening scene, head to Batsi, located west of the island, south of Gavrio.

Overall, no single area is perfect for exploring the entire island. However, with some savvy planning and a car, you can hit all the major landmarks within four days.

Recommended hotels in Andros:

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