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2 Days in Aegina – A perfect first-timer itinerary

Discover the allure of Aegina with our two-day itinerary, your ultimate guide to exploring the island's historical gems, serene beaches, and mouth-watering local cuisine - a perfect introduction for first-time visitors.

The zest of spontaneity is all you need. Grab a couple of outfits, stuff them in a weekend bag, and voila, you’re ready to go! Aegina, the unchanging Greek island, nestled in the azure Aegean, welcomes you any time, in any season, with open arms and a glass of ouzo accompanied by tantalizing meze.

Day One

Port of Aegina
Port of Aegina

10 AM. Begin your adventure at the charming Rastoni, tucked away in verdant serenity, just a stone’s throw away from Aegina’s bustling harbor. This place hosts a collection of quaint apartments, each boasting a unique decor. You’re spoilt for choice between Lora’s classic English colonial style, Romance’s luxurious canopy bed draped in delicate lace, the tropical ambiance of Rastoni complete with dark wood furniture and loft, or the spacious Gardenian with its lavish yard. Don’t you like Rastoni Hotel? Find out the best areas and hotels to stay in Aegina.

11 AM. Just a short 4 km drive from the island’s port, you’ll stumble upon the sequential, organized beaches of Marathon with their lush vegetation and inviting turquoise waters. Further south, Aiginitsa offers a sandy, organized beach, lined with eucalyptus trees, extending their cool shade till the sea, and shallow emerald waters. A couple of kilometers further south, in the quaint fishing village of Perdika, descending a flight of stone stairs will take you to a rugged beach where you can dive into the pristine waters from two wooden platforms. From Perdika, a short boat ride whisks you off to the nearby islet of Moni, with beaches flaunting crystal clear, deep waters, perfect for spearfishing.

2 PM. The longstanding Saronis, perched on the scenic port of Perdika, adjacent to traditional fishing boats, has been a staple for fish mezedes and seafood paired with ouzo for over two decades. Locally-sourced fresh catches of the day, cooked with homely care and traditional methods, set the tone for a delicious afternoon meal.

5 PM. With over three decades under its belt, the Aule has been a favorite local haunt for breakfast, meals, and drinks. Housed in a quaint stone villa, it’s open from early morning till late at night. Lounge in its welcoming courtyard, savor your afternoon coffee, and return later for a relaxing pre-return cocktail. Be prepared to make some feline friends — the resident cats are friendly and love to purr!

8 PM. Head to Skotadis, one of the island’s best culinary destinations located beachfront, known for its emphasis on seafood, oysters, and freshly grilled fish. Complement your main course with appetizers like grilled sardines and salads, the creamy white taramosalata, and tomato-arugula salad served with caper leaves. For the best view, secure a table on the rooftop.

9 PM. Since 1967, Anesis has been a go-to for summer evening movie showings, located in downtown Aegina, tucked behind the bustling port cafes. Comfy chairs, intoxicating jasmine and night-blooming cereus fragrances, and chilled beers and souvlaki from the neighboring Mavros Gatos provide the perfect open-air cinema experience.

11 PM. For 60 years, the Aiakeion pastry shop has crafted unforgettable tastes using pure ingredients. Today, overlooking Aegina’s harbor from the Aithrion, it serves refreshing cocktails. Open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings in summer, it’s a must-visit.

Day Two

Souvala, Aegina
Souvala, Aegina

10AM. Journey north on the island and stumble upon the charming Souvala, Aegina’s second-largest port. Directly linked to Piraeus, this little gem wraps around the island, reaching out to the sea like a friendly arm welcoming visitors to its cozy, laid-back charm. The old fishing village is blessed with a beach hosting warm, healing waters, fondly known as “Therma”.

Venturing eastward, the coastal road unfurls like a ribbon, guiding you a short 4 kilometers further to Vagia. A quaint, picturesque fishing village that has kept its allure untarnished, Vagia’s sandy beach, surrounded by the green embrace of a pine forest, is a perfect retreat to unplug and unwind.

Further east, the enchanting Agia Marina draws both visitors and locals alike. Sand-kissed and well-equipped, the 500-meter beach stretches out, cushioned by lush pine forests. There’s something undeniably captivating about the way Agia Marina settles on the island’s eastern flank, making it an irresistible lure for beach lovers.

2PM. Next up, we’re off to Argiris in Mesagros. An address that delivers homely flavors throughout the year. In winter, you’ll bask in the warmth of a fireplace-lit room, whereas summer reveals a verdant courtyard. Argiris himself, alongside his wife, create culinary wonders: from a variety of pies (zucchini and spinach) to a hearty cod garlic puree, stuffed lamb, and stewed rabbit. Pair these delights with the full-bodied local retsina wine, and you’ll understand the true meaning of Greek comfort food. Oh, and did I mention the homemade ravaní for dessert? (Mesagros, tel: 22970 71303, from €15 per person).

5PM. Immerse yourself in the spiritual tranquility of the Agia Triada nunnery, lighting a candle for the island’s patron saint, Agios Nektarios. The monastery is a peaceful sanctuary tucked away near Kontos village, only 6 kilometers from the port.

6PM. No visit to Aegina would be complete without a trip to the Temple of Aphaia. Majestically perched atop a pine-covered hill in the northeastern part of the island, this magnificent monument was dedicated to the deity Aphaia. Built around 500-490 BC, it’s part of the ancient holy triangle, together with the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio and the Acropolis of Athens.

7PM. Rémvi, an all-day hangout spot on Aegina’s shoreline, invites you to unwind, coffee or super juice in hand, whilst enjoying the vista of fishing boats and yachts. When hunger pangs strike, dive into their lovely snack selection. As the night unfolds, savor expertly crafted cocktails whilst relishing the panoramic view of the busy harbor (Leof. Dimokratias 51, tel: 22970 28605).

9PM. Nonas, a sea-fronted gem in Perdika, is your go-to spot for dinner. Since 1936, this historical eatery has been serving up seafood mastery, all within an interior adorned with the island’s traditional yellow stones, pitchers, and ceramic fish. Their lobster pasta is a showstopper. End the meal on a sweet note with spoon sweets, featuring lemon, bergamot, and wild watermelon (Perdika, tel: 22970 61233, from €15 per person).

11PM. Time to savor the vibrant nightlife at the legendary Perdikiotika bar, an enduring spectacle, grandly ensconced within an age-old edifice harking back to the Kapodistrian era. Its lingering grandeur and elegance are palpable – a testament to a time that was. A masterpiece of sorts, Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, adorns the painted ceiling while the original 19th-century wooden floor adds a note of authenticity.

You’d find the bar’s music selections intriguingly eclectic, alternately stirring and soothing, punctuated by spirited live concerts and pulsating parties. As you weave through the energetic crowd, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful cocktail list, each blend a tantalizing promise of heady flavors. And come summer, the refreshing garden offers an inviting, alfresco escape from the indoor clamor.

Steeped in history, buzzing with modern-day energy – Perdikiotika promises a night of unforgettable memories (Aphaias 38, tel: 22970 27171).

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