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Unveiling the 8 Best Beaches in Aegina Island

Take a sun-kissed journey through the Aegina's most stunning seaside gems. Get ready to explore the best of Aegina's shoreline!
Best Beaches in Aegina

As a travel blogger based in Greece, I can confidently say that the Aegina Island holds a special place in my heart. This charming island, nestled in the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf, captivated my wanderlust with its spectacular landscapes, intriguing history, and of course, its stunning beaches. Each beach here is a unique treasure trove of natural beauty, offering an unforgettable blend of sun, sand, and sea that would leave any beach lover spellbound.

Marathonas A and B, the twin beaches, were my first port of call on this island paradise. Their azure waters and sandy shores, coupled with an assortment of convenient amenities, immediately cast a spell on me.

Further exploration led me to other equally captivating beaches. From the family-friendly atmosphere of Souvala to the untouched beauty of Agia Marina, each beach on Aegina seemed to tell a different story.

With each day spent on this beautiful island, I found myself falling deeper in love with its diverse coastal offerings. Stay with me as I share my journey through the best beaches in Aegina, an island that has truly captured my heart with its radiant charm and unrivaled beauty. In the meantime, discover the best areas to stay in Aegina island.

1. Marathonas A and B

If you’ve ever dreamed of frolicking in the warm sands of a Greek island beach, then Marathonas Beach on Aegina Island might just be your perfect destination. Comprising two distinct sections, Marathonas A and Marathonas B, this idyllic location offers a double dose of beachside bliss.

Nestled midway along the scenic road from Aegina to Perdika, Marathonas A is the first pit-stop of this two-part beach paradise. Just 500 meters down the same route, you’ll find its sibling, Marathonas B. Together, these two beaches have established themselves as the most renowned seaside spots on the island, each inviting visitors to enjoy the sun-soaked shores and azure waters.

During the bustling summer months, both beaches come alive with activity. Organized facilities are set up to cater to the needs of every sun worshiper. Sun loungers, complete with shady umbrellas, dot the landscape, providing a comfortable perch from which to enjoy the sweeping vistas of the Aegean Sea.

In addition, a range of dining establishments offer a taste of local and international cuisine, allowing you to savor delicious meals without straying too far from the beach. For those who crave a more rustic experience, there are also untouched sections of the beach where you can lay your towel directly on the warm sand, offering a sense of solitude amidst the vibrant beach scene.

Marathonas has quickly climbed the ranks as a preferred destination for accommodation in Aegina, largely due to its proximity to Aegina town – a mere 5-minute drive away. Moreover, its beaches are versatile, catering to visitors of all ages. The shallow waters near the shore are perfect for families with young children, while deeper sections cater to adult swimmers and watersport enthusiasts.

However, it’s worth noting that parking can be a challenge in this area, especially during the peak summer months. To navigate this, visitors might consider renting a motorbike or bicycle for their trip to the beach. This not only eases the parking dilemma but also adds an element of adventure to your travel experience. Alternatively, there’s a reliable bus service connecting the town to the beach, offering a hassle-free transportation option.

So whether you’re a seasoned beach-goer or a first-time island explorer, the twin beaches of Marathonas in Aegina offer an unforgettable seaside experience, setting the stage for a summer vacation filled with sun, sand, and the serene beauty of Greece.

2. Agia Marina

Agia Marina, Aegina
Agia Marina, Aegina

Unveiling the grandeur of Aegina’s coastline, Agia Marina Beach stands as the island’s largest sandy expanse. Nestled on the eastern side of the island, this beach is easily accessible, just a 15-minute drive or a 25-minute bus ride from the city center. I can assure you that the journey to Agia Marina is a scenic ride worth savoring, culminating in a destination that beautifully embodies the quintessential Greek beach experience.

The beach’s allure doesn’t stop at its size. Formerly a Blue Flag holder, Agia Marina beach is well-equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, perfect for a day of soaking in the radiant Greek sun. Summer stalls pepper the beachfront, offering everything from refreshing beverages to local culinary delights. While the organized parts of the beach provide a comfortable lounging experience, I’d strongly recommend exploring the rocky parts of this coast. Here, you can dive into the breathtakingly blue waters which are not only perfect for swimming but also offer ideal conditions for snorkeling. These secluded coves are perfect for those seeking a more tranquil escape away from the busier parts of the beach.

Staying in Agia Marina opens up a world of opportunities to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of Aegina. The area comes alive in the summer months, offering a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the beach. Whether it’s exploring the local markets, savoring the delectable Greek cuisine, or simply strolling along the sun-drenched streets, a visit to Agia Marina provides a unique blend of leisure and culture. And as someone who has personally experienced the charm of Agia Marina, I can confidently say that this beach, with its stunning landscape and vibrant surroundings, is a must-visit spot on Aegina Island.

3. Moni Island Beach

Beach in Moni Island
Beach in Moni Island

A tiny islet floating right opposite Perdika, Moni Island is an enchanting retreat that captures the serenity of the Saronic Gulf. The journey to Moni Island is a simple, yet delightful experience. You can drive to Perdika and then hop onto a boat that departs from the small port, transporting you to this idyllic destination in just ten minutes. Alternatively, boats also depart from Aegina’s main port, taking about 30 minutes to reach Moni. Whichever route you choose, the voyage is a unique experience in itself, allowing you to revel in the azure expanses of the sea as the island grows gradually larger on the horizon.

The uniqueness of Moni Island lies in its lack of permanent human inhabitants. Instead, the island is home to a range of wild animals, including peacocks, deer, wild goats, and squirrels. The dense pine forest that blankets the majority of the island lends it an air of verdant tranquility. The beach, bordered by a lush pine grove, offers a sandy retreat complemented by a beach bar and numerous sunbeds and umbrellas. During my visit, I found feeding the island’s animals and taking a leisurely hike to be particularly enjoyable. The island’s summit offers a fascinating sight: an old military observatory that served during World War II.

Despite its tranquility, Moni Island can become quite lively during the summer months. Many boats anchor off the beach, creating a vibrant floating community. Unfortunately, camping has been prohibited on the island, which means day trips are the primary way to enjoy this beach haven.

4. Souvala Loutra Beach

Situated in the charming village of Souvala, Loutra Beach, also known as Loutra Aegina, is a beach with a fascinating history. Known for its therapeutic waters in years gone by, the area was often referred to as ‘Therma’ due to its sulfur-rich hot spring that warmed the waters to a comfortable 25.4 degrees Celsius. While the beach may be smaller in scale compared to others on the island, its allure lies in the unique blend of its healing past and the stunning natural beauty of its surroundings.

Loutra Beach is a harmonious juxtaposition of soft sand and rugged rocks, creating a dynamic landscape that is as picturesque as it is inviting for a swim. The beach comes with convenient transport links  and is usually well-organized, offering sunbeds and umbrellas for those looking to lounge in the Mediterranean sun. In recent years, the area has seen a surge in cafes opening up, creating a vibrant seaside atmosphere.

5. Aeginitissa Beach

Located between Marathon and Perdika, Aeginitissa Beach is a sandy haven located in a large cove that adds a touch of seclusion to your beach day. A striking feature of Aeginitissa Beach is its impressive eucalyptus trees that line the beach, casting dappled shade over the area and filling the air with their distinctive, invigorating scent. This creates an environment where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without sacrificing the comfort of the cool shade.

During the summer, Aeginitissa Beach is typically well-organized, making it a convenient choice for beachgoers. For those interested in local cuisine or a quick snack, there are several dining establishments in the vicinity. But if you crave more options, the vibrant town of Perdika is a mere 2 kilometers away. Plus, the local bus service, Ktel, operates throughout the year, ensuring easy access to Aeginitissa Beach.

6. Kleidi or Klima Beach

A hidden gem in Aegina, Kleidi or Klima Beach, is considered by many to be the island’s most unique beach. To reach Kleidi, you’ll need to follow the road towards Perdika. Upon reaching the crossroad before Perdika village, take a left. The route leads towards Sfentouri, but you’ll need to take a right turn to arrive at this off-the-beaten-path beach.

Klima is a small cove boasting stunningly turquoise waters, a spectacle made even more breathtaking by the surrounding rocks that have formed a beach with pristine white sands. This beach has a reputation as a haunt for figures from the artistic and political world, who often arrive here by boat. Kleidi is typically organized each summer, dotted with numerous sunbeds and umbrellas for the comfort of its visitors. A canteen is usually available on-site to cater to your refreshment needs. Do note that the route requires attention, as the uphill drive can be challenging for vehicles, and during the summer months, there may be slight traffic congestion. The local transport service provides access up to Perdika, adding to the convenience of reaching this stunning beach.

7. Kolona and Avra Beaches

Kolona and Avra beaches are two main beaches that offer an easy dip into the Aegean Sea within the city of Aegina itself. Their location near the port of Aegina makes them conveniently accessible, even on foot. These beaches are situated on either side of the Temple of Apollo, also known as Kolona. The Kolona hill forms a large natural pier, at the ends of which lie sandy beaches, offering beautiful settings for relaxation and swimming.

Avra Beach is positioned right in front of the entrance to the archaeological site of the Temple of Apollo, making it a fascinating blend of history and natural beauty. Depending on the season, this beach is typically organized and well-maintained for visitors. On the other hand, Kolona Beach, located on the rear side of the temple, is more secluded. To reach it, continue along the small uphill road. The beach entrance is a small rocky inlet. Unorganized and unique in its own way, its sandy stretch presents some peculiarities due to the presence of an ancient fortress nearby. If your time on the island is limited, these two beaches offer a great opportunity for a quick dip.

8. Sarpa Beach

Sarpa Beach, is another hidden gem of Aegina, revered as one of the island’s most beautiful yet challenging to access beaches. The route to Sarpa Beach is somewhat unusual, and here’s how you get there. Once you’ve reached Perdika and passed the local gas station, you’ll find an open-air basketball court. Take a left turn onto a small road, and after a brief downhill stretch, you’ll find yourself on the serene shoreline of Sarpa Beach.

Renowned for its tranquility and crystal-clear waters, Sarpa Beach is a haven for those seeking a peaceful getaway. Depending on the season, the beach is organized and also boasts a canteen for visitors to enjoy some local snacks. Sarpa Beach is undoubtedly one of the top spots on the island to visit during the summer months. For those utilizing public transport, the bus runs routes up to Perdika. Don’t miss the opportunity to soak in the serene beauty of this unique beach on your Aegina island getaway.

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