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10 Best Day Trips from Athens in 2024

Discover 10 spectacular day trips from Athens, Greece, that offer a perfect escape to ancient ruins, idyllic islands, and charming coastal towns.
Best Day Trips from Athens

Got some time in Athens and fancy a detour or two? You’re in the right place for some top-notch recommendations. I’m sharing a handpicked list of seventeen sensational spots for day trips, complete with tips on pairing them up and a peek at my all-time favorites.

Athens is a treasure trove that too many visitors breeze through on their way to the islands. It’s a shame, really, because the city is a labyrinth of wonders just waiting to be unraveled by the curious traveler.

If you’re strapped for time, with only a day or two to spare, I’d say immerse yourself in Athens’ vibrant streets. But if you’re lucky to linger longer—like the unforgettable month I first spent here—then you’ve got to check out the day trip scene. It’s a buffet of cultural feasts just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the capital.

Navigating the Athens day trip circuit is a breeze, thanks to the city’s slick tourism scene. But if you’re plotting your own course, remember that public transport can be a bit of a time muncher. So, plan wisely if you’re going the solo exploration route.

1. Delphi


Delphi tops my list for an unforgettable day escape from Athens, and here’s why. Picture this: standing atop a hill, gazing down at an ancient temple with the awe-inspiring mountains as a backdrop—it’s an experience that’s hard to put into words, but let’s just say it’s stunning.

For history buffs like myself, Delphi is a treasure trove. It’s heralded as the navel of the world by the ancients, making it a playground for anyone with a penchant for Greek lore. The must-visits? The Temple of Apollo and the Athenian Treasury are sheer brilliance, and the walk up to the stadium is well worth the effort.

Now, getting there can be a bit of a puzzle. Public transport is an option, but trust me, it can be tricky. After a month in Athens, I was still wary of missing connections. So, I opted for a guided tour, which was a game-changer. We even got to explore the charming mountain village of Arachova nestled in Mount Parnassus.

The tour guide was a walking encyclopedia, thanks to Greece’s rigorous accreditation for guides. My only gripe? Time was tight, and I had to skip the museum to savor the stadium. But considering the bus schedules, it was still the better choice.

In short, if you’ve got a day to spare, Delphi should be on your radar. It’s a day well spent, uncovering the wonders of an ancient world.

2. Meteora

Where to stay near Meteora in Greece - 3 Best Areas (2024)

Meteora might test your patience with its five-hour train trek from Athens, but believe me, it’s an epic odyssey you won’t regret. The vistas are straight out of fantasy epics and spy thrillers—think ‘Game of Thrones’ and James Bond—scenes that you can witness first-hand amidst the surreal Meteora landscape.

A pro tip? Take the full-day guided tour. It’s a seamless way to go from train to monastic splendor without the hassle. With six monasteries perched precariously on natural rock pillars, you’ll be glad for the convenience of a bus whisking you away to whichever ones are welcoming visitors that day.

And here’s a personal slice of advice: consider a winter jaunt. There’s something magical about these ancient sanctuaries draped in snow—a spectacle that’s both serene and spectacular. Trust me, it’s a scene so enchanting you’ll want to wrap up warm and go there yourself!

3. Cape Sounion

Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion is a gem that’s much closer to Athens than other historical sites, which means you can marvel at the Temple of Poseidon and still have your evening free.

The temple, perched by the sea, is more than just ancient ruins; it’s a piece of history with a romantic edge, thanks to Lord Byron’s graffiti from his nineteenth-century visit. No, we’re not saying to bring a chisel, but there’s something thrilling about touching the same stone that the poetic great once did.

I took a guided tour to Cape Sounion and loved that it was a leisurely half-day affair. The journey itself was dotted with scenic stops perfect for those quintessential Greek landscape shots before reaching the temple’s majestic columns.

You can also strike out on your own to Cape Sounion via a public bus or mix things up with an Athens hop-on hop-off bus combo tour that includes a sunset viewing. I missed the sunset, but I’ve seen the photos—picture the temple aglow in golden hour light—and it’s utterly breathtaking. It’s on my list for next time, and if you’re planning a trip, maybe schedule yours for the evening. You won’t regret it.

4. Mycenae

For anyone with a soft spot for Homer’s tales or ancient Greek lore, Mycenae is a must-see destination. As the cradle of the Mycenaean civilization, this UNESCO World Heritage site shares the stage with Tiryns, offering a tangible journey through classical antiquity and the legendary world depicted in the “Iliad” and “Odyssey.”

Imagine walking the same paths as the fabled King Agamemnon, amidst the remains of a civilization that shaped so much of our artistic and literary heritage. The grandeur of Mycenae’s past is alive in its dramatic ruins: the colossal walls, majestic Lions Gate, and awe-inspiring beehive tombs. This is where myth meets history, where every stone tells a story.

I opted for a full-day guided tour from Athens, which included stops at Nafplio and Corinth, adding layers of history to an already rich excursion. However, the beauty of Mycenae is that it’s perfectly paired with Tiryns, so if you’re planning a solo trip, you can easily immerse yourself in both archaeological wonders in one go.

Deciding which historic marvels to visit is a personal choice, but if you’re into stepping back into a world where heroes and legends roamed, Mycenae should definitely be on your itinerary.

5. Epidaurus

Epidaurus holds a special place in the hearts of history buffs and theater lovers alike. It’s not just any old site; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage treasure that boasts an ancient Greek theater and an intimate museum. Nestled in a quaint valley of the Peloponnesus, this sanctuary once buzzed with the veneration of Asklepios, the deity of wellness, building on the worship that started with Apollo.

The splendor of the site’s 4th-century architecture, especially the theater — hailed as a paragon of ancient Greek design — is truly a sight to behold. It gives you a rare peek into the rituals and medical practices of a bygone era, where temples and sanatoriums were once a beacon of hope and healing.

I caught the marvels of Epidaurus during a full-day trip that also included Mycenae, along with picturesque stops at Nafplio and Corinth. You can also carve out your own adventure there. 

While public transport might be an option, it does limit how much ground you can cover in a day. But if you’re up for a drive, renting a car can be both a liberating and practical choice, potentially more cost-effective than a guided tour depending on your plans. Whether you’re touring or driving, Epidaurus is a destination that promises an unforgettable glimpse into the ancient world.

6. Hydra

Hydra Architecture

Hydra is a gem tucked away in the Saronic Gulf, a scenic boat ride from Athens’ bustling port of Piraeus.

Once you set foot on Hydra, the charm of this place unfolds in front of you—think a serene stroll to a stunning Orthodox church, a leisurely lunch at a waterfront taverna, sun-soaked afternoons on the beach, and the quintessential Greek postcard view with white-washed buildings gleaming under the sun.

The heart of the island, Hydra Town, may be the central hub but it’s wrapped in the cozy allure of a village that’s impossible not to fall for. 

It’s one of three islands near Athens perfect for day trips, and I’ve had the pleasure of cruising to Aegina, Poros, and Hydra in a single, sun-drenched day. 

If you’re pressed for time and can only pick one, let Hydra be your choice. It’s got that unbeatable combination of beauty, tranquility, and a dash of adventure that tops my list.

7. Aegina

Visit the Archaeological Site of Aphaia in Aegina
Visit the Archaeological Site of Aphaia in Aegina

Aegina is the place to be for lovers of ancient Greek temples who are looking for a quieter alternative to the usual tourist trails. It’s part of a revered triangle with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon, holding its own with the majestic Temple of Aphaia. Here, I’ve wandered amidst history with the rare privilege of solitude, as this hidden jewel receives far fewer footfalls.

The island’s allure doesn’t stop at its ancient ruins. There’s a sacredness to its Greek Orthodox Cathedral that beckons, inviting more than just a cursory glance. And if you’re up for discovery, Aegina won’t disappoint with its charming harbor and secluded beaches—perfect for those who treasure a peaceful swim or bask under the sun.

During my jaunt across the Saronic Gulf, Aegina was one of the stops on a delightful full-day cruise that also swung by Poros and Hydra. However, if guided tours aren’t your thing, hop on a water taxi for a direct ride from Athens and craft your own island story. Just remember, traveling solo means choosing one perfect spot to soak in—and Aegina could very well be that singular experience you’ll cherish.

8. Poros

Poros may be on the smaller side compared to other Greek islands, but it packs a delightful punch with its dual-island character and quaint charm. It’s a treasure trove of sights, from the iconic white clocktower that offers panoramic views to the tranquil Faros lighthouse where time seems to pause. Stroll along its harbor and you’ll get a real taste of idyllic island life, a slice that’s a stone’s throw from the hustle of Athens.

It’s a gem that I stumbled upon during a full-day cruise that also introduced me to Aegina and Hydra. This experience allowed me to sample a trio of islands, each with its own personality. For those who prefer an intimate encounter with one location, a water taxi will whisk you away to Poros where you can immerse yourself without watching the clock.

In the debate between guided tours and solo adventures, I savored the variety of a cruise. However, should you seek to delve deeper into Poros’ serene lifestyle, solo travel lets you linger longer and discover at your leisure. The choice is yours, but for an unforgettable escapade that feels both exclusive and expansive, Poros is a must-visit.

9. Nafplio

Nafplio’s seaside allure is unmistakable, with its embracing coastlines and historic fortifications, like the hilltop citadel and the sea-borne castle that seem to narrate tales of yore. For a day soaked in sun and history, Nafplio is an unbeatable destination.

Taking the bus from Athens, you can independently explore Nafplio’s charms. I chose a guided excursion that wove through Mycenae and Epidaurus, pausing briefly in Corinth, which was nothing short of remarkable.

Though my visit was brief, Nafplio left a lasting impression on me, beckoning for a return. For those pondering the merits of a guided tour versus an independent trip, consider this: a dedicated day trip to Nafplio allows for an unhurried, deeper connection with the town’s picturesque streets and the serene seafront. And yes, you still get the bonus of basking in the ancient glory of Epidaurus.

10. Agistri & Moni island

Where to Stay in Agistri - 2 BEST AREAS

For an island-hopping adventure that sidesteps the usual ferry routes, consider setting sail directly from Athens to the emerald waters surrounding Agistri. Sailing is a refreshing alternative that promises the caress of the sea breeze and the luxury of dipping into the azure ocean at your leisure.

On my voyage, we unfurled our sails en route to Agistri, indulging in sunbathing and the island’s secluded beaches. The experience was a perfect respite from Athens’ energetic pulse. After soaking in Agistri’s tranquility, we set off to discover Aegina and Moni’s hidden charms.

A lunch in Moni with the backdrop of shimmering waters is hard to beat – imagine savoring Greek culinary delights as you prepare for an afternoon swim in the sea’s crystal-clear embrace. 

This snippet of joy, nestled within the sailing expedition, felt like uncovering a secret heaven amidst the waves.

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