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25 Best Hotels in Athens with an Acropolis View

Discover the top 25 hotels in Athens with breathtaking Acropolis views. From chic, minimalist suites to budget-friendly hostels, find the perfect stay to fit your style and budget.
Best Hotels in Athens with an Acropolis View

Discovering the best hotels in Athens with an Acropolis view has been my latest adventure, and it’s safe to say these spots are unbeatable for visitors intent on immersing themselves in the city’s core and historic charm.

The Acropolis stands as a stunning beacon over Athens, and its illuminated evening presence is a magical sight that’s on everyone’s must-see list. The luxury of glimpsing this ancient marvel from your hotel window is an indulgent experience not to be missed.

Many hotels boast such spellbinding views, from their rooftop lounges to the rooms themselves. I’ve put together a selection of the top Athens hotels where the Acropolis is just a gaze away, especially noting those with terrace vistas. However, it’s worth noting that hotels with room views of the Acropolis often come with a premium price tag – a splurge that can elevate your stay from memorable to unforgettable.

Looking for an affordable stay in Athens without the Acropolis view price tag? No worries – our Athens accommodation guide has you covered with a range of budget-friendly options.

1. MiraMe Athens Boutique Hotel: A Culinary Haven ⭐ 9.5

Acropolis View from MiraMe Athens
Acropolis View from MiraMe Athens (@mirame.athens)

Nestled in the charming Psyri area, just a stone’s throw away from Monastiraki station, the MiraMe Athens Boutique Hotel merges four-star luxury with gastronomic delights. Each room is a canvas of unique design and sophisticated decor. For a treat, head to the rooftop restaurant or bar, where the Acropolis seems almost within reach. Winter rates starting at 130€ are a steal, but expect to pay a premium during summer months.

2. Elia Ermou Athens Hotel: Wellness and Views ⭐ 9.1

Elia Ermou Athens Hotel's prime location places it within walking distance of all the city's major attractions.(@elia_ermou_athens)
Elia Ermou Athens Hotel's prime location places it within walking distance of all the city's major attractions.(@elia_ermou_athens)

Positioned on the bustling Ermou shopping street, a short stroll from Syntagma Square, Elia Ermou Athens Hotel is a four-star sanctuary offering spa indulgence and rooftop dining with Acropolis vistas. Choose between rooms flaunting Acropolis views or those equipped with a hammam and jacuzzi, priced from 140€ to 300€. It’s a splurge that’s worth every penny for that extra touch of luxury.

3. Electra Metropolis: The Heart of Athenian Elegance ⭐ 9.1


Electra Metropolis is a beacon of five-star refinement, conveniently located 200 meters from Syntagma Square and a 10-minute walk from the historic Plaka. The hotel boasts rooftop dining, a spa, two pools, and a gym. Views of the Acropolis from select rooms add to the allure. Off-season deals for a double room range from 170€ to 200€, while summer escapades command at least 350€.

4. King George, A Luxury Collection Hotel: Athenian Splendor ⭐ 9.0

Acropolis view from the suite of King George Hotel (@kinggeorgeathens)
Acropolis view from the suite of King George Hotel (@kinggeorgeathens)

Just steps from the Hellenic Parliament, the King George Hotel is synonymous with opulence and sophistication. Celebrities and dignitaries often choose this five-star retreat for its seventh-floor panoramic city and Acropolis views. Although it’s one of the priciest—expect to spend at least 350€ per night—the experience is unparalleled, with peak season rates soaring to 1,000€.

5. Electra Palace Athens: Premium Leisure Meets History ⭐ 9.0


The Electra Palace Athens, half a kilometer from Syntagma Square, is a five-star hotel that commands a breathtaking Acropolis view, especially enjoyed from the top-floor pool and restaurant. Only premium rooms and suites offer direct views, but the hotel’s luxurious amenities, including a spa and various leisure facilities, ensure a memorable stay. Prices reflect the high-end offerings, with winter rates being more forgiving than the bustling summer season.

6. Athens21: A Trendy Retreat with a Splash of Color ⭐ 9.0

Acropolis View from Athens21
Acropolis View from Athens21 (@ellenhuemmer)

I have to say, Athens21 catches my eye with its chic, minimalist design that stands out among the rest. Nestled in the vibrant Psyrri area, just a hop away from Monastiraki Square, it’s a canvas of bold colors splashed across walls and furniture. I’m particularly enamored by the rooftop dining area, offering a stunning view of the Acropolis without breaking the bank. Snagging a cozy room here in winter will set you back around 80-100 euros, while summer stays peak at 120-150 euros.

7. Home and Poetry: Under the Acropolis's Watch ⭐ 9.0

Home and Poetry is a gem tucked right under the Acropolis in the charming Plaka neighborhood. Four minutes on foot from the Acropolis metro, this four-star hotel doesn’t skimp on modern elegance or comfort. I’m sold on the terrace alone, boasting exclusive Acropolis vistas. Winter rates are quite reasonable at 100-130 euros per night, but come summer, expect to splash out around 200 euros for the privilege.

8. Acropolis View Hotel: History at Your Window ⭐ 9.0

Over in the Filopappou neighborhood, the Acropolis View Hotel is a stone’s throw from the Acropolis Museum. It may be a three-star stay, but it’s wrapped in beauty and meticulous care, with rooms offering Parthenon or Filopappou Hill views that I find irresistible. The top-floor bar terrace is a high point with its panoramic Acropolis views. Room rates? Quite fair, starting at 100 euros in winter and rising to 135 euros when the summer sun shines.

9. 360 Degrees: A Panoramic Pleasure ⭐ 8.9

360 Degrees sits right on Monastiraki Square. This three-star spot wins hearts with its chic rooms and a top-floor restaurant/bar that serves up the city and Acropolis in one grand visual feast. The 360 Cocktail Bar is a hotspot for both guests and drop-ins. Expect to pay around 120 euros for a winter night stay, while summer rates soar to 200-250 euros.

10. A for Athens: Modernity Meets Ancient Views ⭐ 8.9

A short stroll from Monastiraki Square, A for Athens offers a three-star experience with several rooms providing coveted Acropolis views. It’s not just the rooms that boast this scenic backdrop but also the open-to-all rooftop bar. It’s the kind of place where I can see myself enjoying the view over a drink. You’re looking at 120 euros per room in winter, doubling up to around 200 euros during the high season of summer.

11. Athens Gate Hotel: A View to Envy ⭐ 8.8

Acropolis View from Athens Gate Hotel
Astonishing view of Acropolis during the new year's celebration (@theathensgatehotel)

Nestled in the charming Makrygianni area, the Athens Gate Hotel stands out with its luxurious four-star amenities. Here’s a spot where elegance meets history – just a stone’s throw from the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Acropolis Museum. The rooftop restaurant and bar promise breathtaking Acropolis views that I personally wouldn’t miss for the world. Prices for a cozy double room start at a reasonable €130 in winter, but they do rise to €230 during peak tourist season.

12. Herodion Hotel: Rooftop Relaxation ⭐ 8.7

Just a brief 300-meter stroll to the Acropolis Museum, the Herodion Hotel wraps you in four-star sophistication. Some rooms offer a direct line of sight to the Acropolis, but for me, the real gem is the roof garden with loungers and two jacuzzis, all against the backdrop of the Acropolis. Standard rooms begin at around €130 per night, but for a room with a view, you’re looking at €240, with prices climbing in the high season.

13. Attalos Hotel: Affordable with a View ⭐ 8.6

Attalos Hotel is where budget-friendly meets quality in the lively Psyrri area, a hop away from Monastiraki station. Its decor may be simple, but the attention to detail is evident in the well-maintained spaces. The rooftop bar’s view of the Acropolis makes it a steal – I’d say it’s the perfect mix of savings and scenery, with winter rates starting at just €100 and summer rates at €160.

14. Acropolian Spirit Boutique Hotel: Elegant and Centric ⭐ 8.4

Positioned a mere 300 meters from the Acropolis Museum on Syngrou Avenue, the Acropolian Spirit Boutique Hotel exudes four-star luxury with stylishly decorated rooms. Dining with an Acropolis view here is a treat I’d indulge in. For those wanting to experience such splendor, room rates start at a welcoming €100, but for a picturesque wake-up view, the price tag is €150. Remember, summer rates double up!

15. Hotel Thissio: Stylish Stays with a View ⭐ 8.4

Over in Thissio, Hotel Thissio boasts not just style but also substance with its chic rooms and suites. The top-floor terrace views of the Acropolis have my vote for a sunset toast. While rooms with that coveted Acropolis view start at €128 a night, summer brings a wave of demand and prices near €200. The rising temperatures bring rising rates, but the views? Always priceless.

16. Astor Hotel - A City Gem ⭐ 8.2

Night view of Acropolis from Astor Hotel (@giannos_constantinou)

Imagine sipping your morning coffee with the magnificent Acropolis glinting in the sunlight. That’s the treat Astor Hotel offers from its rooftop diner. Nestled just a stone’s throw from Syntagma Square, this four-star delight promises some rooms with the same iconic view, which, trust me, is a sight to behold. And, if you’re budget-conscious like I am, you’ll appreciate the off-peak rates of around 100 euros for a double room. Splurge a little, and a room with an Acropolis view can be yours for about 150 to 180 euros. But remember, prices do jump during peak tourist season.

17. The Lekka Hotel & Spa - Modern Retreat ⭐ 8.2

Lekka Hotel & Spa exudes a chic vibe with its modern rooms and spa facilities. Just a short walk from Syntagma Square and even closer to the buzz of Monastiraki Square, it’s perfectly located for urban exploration. The view from the top floor is breathtaking, especially at sunset with the Acropolis in the distance. A double room will cost you between 120 and 160 euros, depending on when you visit, which is a steal for the luxury on offer.

18. Dreamy Athens Penthouse - Your Home with a View ⭐ 9.5

For those who favor a more homely touch, the Dreamy Athens Penthouse is a gem. Situated just a hop from Monastiraki Square, this apartment can comfortably accommodate up to four guests. With a fully-equipped kitchen and a cityscape panorama, including the Acropolis, it’s a catch for about 200 to 250 euros a night. It’s my kind of place for a group getaway, offering both privacy and elegance.

19. A77 Suites by Andronis - Plush and Personal ⭐ 9.3

The plush A77 Suites in the quaint Plaka district are about sophistication with a personal touch. Close to Monastiraki Square and the Metropolitan Cathedral, it’s a hub of luxury. Some suites even boast an Acropolis view, and if you’re up for splurging, one with an outdoor jacuzzi and the same iconic vista starts at 300 euros. For an unforgettable indulgence, the jacuzzi suite, which scales up to 700 euros a night, offers an opulent experience.

20. Fos Residential Apartments - Your Private Athens Escape ⭐ 9.2

Acropolis view from Fos Residential Apartments
Acropolis view from Fos Residential Apartments (

Fos Residential Apartments offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere right in the heart of Plaka. A short stroll from the Metropolitan Cathedral and Monastiraki Square, these apartments are perfect for up to four guests. They don’t have a communal Acropolis view, but the equipped apartments with a living and dining area offer the comfort of home. With rates starting at 200 euros during the off-season, scaling up in summer, it’s perfect for those seeking a private, authentic Athenian stay.

21. Acropolis Vision: A Chic Retreat ⭐ 9.2

I’ve got a soft spot for minimalist design, so Acropolis Vision immediately catches my eye. Nestled in the Thiseio area, it offers sleek, minimally furnished rooms that strike the perfect balance between modern chic and home comfort. The rooftop terrace is a standout – imagine soaking up views of the Acropolis and lush surroundings. Price-wise, it’s a steal during the off-season at €100 per night, but expect to pay double when summer rolls around.

22. ATHENS STORIES: Your Athenian Home ⭐ 8.8

Now, ATHENS STORIES is a game-changer – not your typical hotel, but rather a collection of fully-furnished apartments that define modern living with a minimalistic flair. Located on Miaouli street in the lively Psyrri neighborhood, these units deliver on the promise of a great view without breaking the bank. You can snag a room with an Acropolis view for about €120 a night. In my book, it’s a bargain for such a premium vista.

23. Acropolis Stylish Suite: Spacious and Spectacular ⭐ 8.8

The Acropolis Stylish Suite is the go-to for space and scenery. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Acropolis Museum, sitting at the heart of Athens. Capable of hosting up to six guests, it’s an ideal spot for big families or a group of friends. The two bedrooms and two sofa beds, coupled with a veranda offering Acropolis views, make for a memorable stay. Priced at €150-€180 per night, it’s pitched perfectly for those who value roominess and location.

24. The Athens Version Luxury Suites: Indulge in Elegance ⭐ 8.7

The Athens Version Luxury Suites stands out with its opulence and generous amenities. What sets it apart is the plush decor and the spacious suites equipped with everything you could need, including a kitchen – rare for such a central location in Psyrri, just a stone’s throw from Monastiraki. Waking up to a view of the Acropolis? Priceless. Accommodating 3-4 people, the suites are priced at €100 per night in winter and climb to €150 in summer. For me, it’s the epitome of urban luxury.

25. Pella Inn Hostel: Budget-Friendly with a View ⭐ 8.0

For the budget-conscious traveler, Pella Inn Hostel is a true find. Just two minutes from Monastiraki Square, in the heart of Psyrri, it’s perfect for those who prefer spending less on sleep and more on adventure. The rooftop bar is the cherry on top, offering stunning views of the Acropolis. You can bunk in a mixed dorm for only €16 a night or opt for a bit more privacy in a private room at €56. It’s my pick for social butterflies on a shoestring budget.

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