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Category: Aegina

Discover the beauty of Aegina, a picturesque island in Greece, through adventourly. Plan your perfect getaway with our expert travel advice.

2 Days in Aegina – A perfect first-timer itinerary

Discover the allure of Aegina with our two-day itinerary, your ultimate guide to exploring the island’s historical gems, serene beaches, and mouth-watering local cuisine – a perfect introduction for first-time visitors.

Aegina or Hydra? Which is better

Aegina or Hydra? Which is better

Experience the charm of Greece as we delve into the captivating islands of Aegina and Hydra. This insightful guide provides a detailed comparison, highlighting the unique allure of each, and even offers an exciting solution if you can’t decide between the two

How to get around Aegina island

How to get around Aegina island

Make sure to check in with adventourely to plan your transportation needs on Aegina Island, be it with your vehicle, a rented car or bike, by bus, taxi, water taxi, bicycle or even horse-drawn cart!

Best Things to do in Aegina

18 Best Things to do in Aegina

Discover the must-see spots and hidden gems of Aegina in this comprehensive guide. From its historic landmarks to its vibrant beaches, local cuisine, and sun-kissed adventures, we’ve rounded up the best activities and experiences.

Where to stay in Aegina

Where to stay in Aegina – 5 BEST AREAS

Planning a trip to Aegina? Discover the 5 best areas to stay in this stunning Greek island. Our travel blog has all the insider tips you need to find the perfect accommodation for your Aegina getaway.