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How to get around Aegina island

Make sure to check in with adventourely to plan your transportation needs on Aegina Island, be it with your vehicle, a rented car or bike, by bus, taxi, water taxi, bicycle or even horse-drawn cart!
How to get around Aegina island

Make sure to check in with adventourely to plan your transportation needs on Aegina Island, be it with your vehicle, a rented car or bike, by bus, taxi, water taxi, bicycle or even horse-drawn cart! Our comprehensive guide to getting around Aegina is like a treasure map, leading you to the island’s hidden gems.

Roaming Aegina in Your Car or Bike…

Did you bring your own wheels? If so, with adventourely as your co-pilot and Google Maps to chart the course, you’re all set to uncover the island’s secrets. Aegina is mapped out so meticulously that navigating the island with your car is as easy as a Sunday stroll in your favorite park. For fueling up your car, our map with Aegina’s gas stations is your best pit stop.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep in mind that during the summertime, the coastal road in front of Aegina’s port in the city center closes in the evenings. It’s like the island’s way of saying, “Take it easy and enjoy your stroll.” But remember this when planning your travel and parking.
  • When it comes to parking, there’s a paid lot at the port – grab your ticket from nearby kiosks. On the outskirts of the city, towards Souvala or Marathon, you can find free parking. Otherwise, you’re likely to find a spot somewhere as you venture out of the city.
  • Avoid driving within the city, as the narrow roads and petite sidewalks don’t exactly roll out the red carpet for pedestrians or loud vehicles.
  • It’s wise to book your return ferry spot as soon as you land on the island, especially if you’re leaving on a Sunday when most people return. Don’t gamble with your luck and potentially have to catch the early Monday morning ferry!
  • Especially for motorbike enthusiasts, we suggest always wearing your helmet and being extra cautious on the coastal road’s twists and turns and on dirt roads…

Exploring Aegina Without a Car or Bike…

Good for you! Opting to arrive on the island without your own transport means you’re free as a seagull to choose any ferry or “flying dolphin” departing from Piraeus or Aegina’s port. No strings attached. Once you land on the island, you get to choose how to move about – whether by rented car, private transfer, bus, taxi, or by foot if you’re up for longer walks and feel the sand between your toes. The world – or in this case, the island – is your oyster. Below we outline your choices along with tips for seamless transport.

Rent α car / motorcycle in Aegina

Hiring a car or a motorcycle often proves to be a savvy choice, in many cases costing less than bringing your own vehicle over. Much like a sunflower ensuring it’s turned towards the sun, make sure to arrange your rental before you hit the island, especially during the bustling tourist season. As you step off the ferry, the port greets you with numerous rental shops. Further into the city, more await your exploration. The average daily cost dances between 30 and 50 euros, the rhythm set by the season, vehicle type, and insurance options you choose.

Private Transfer in Aegina

For those who’d prefer the luxe life, Aegina doesn’t disappoint. Private transfers – a concept once as elusive as the lost city of Atlantis – are now a reality on the island. Picture a seamless blend of transport and guided tours. Imagine being whisked away to Aegina’s treasures in a vehicle as reliable as the rising sun, luxurious as a sultan’s dream, and safe as a lighthouse in a storm. VIP Transfers & Tours are the new shining star in the island’s sky, ready to cater to your desires, ensuring a memorable holiday.

KTEL Aegina (Buses of Aegina)

But if you’re a nostalgic soul yearning for an authentic Greek experience, the island’s bus network (KTEL) might just be your time machine. Economical yet fulfilling, it offers a taste of a classic Greek cinema reel. A word of caution: keep an eye on the timetable, for the buses are as elusive as mermaids – even in summer, they make only 5-6 appearances per route daily. Tickets cost a mere 1.8 to 2 euros per trip, procurable at the central bus station (at Ethnegersias Square, near the port) or from the bus driver. The routes served are:

  1. Aegina – Faros – Vrochia – Marathon – Perdika (9.5 kilometers – 20 minutes)
  2. Aegina – Kypseli – Leonti – Vathi – Souvala – Agioi – Vagia (13 kilometers – 30 minutes)
  3. Aegina – Agioi Asomatoi – Kontos – Agios Nektarios – Mesagros – Agia Marina (14 kilometers – 35 minutes)

Route 3 also passes through Alones, following a different path that bypasses Mesagros and the Temple of Aphaia.

Stay updated on the KTEL schedules by visiting their official website. As the timetables have a knack for changing like a chameleon, a phone call to +30 22970 22787 will ensure you’re always on top of things.

Aegina Taxis

Just a stone’s throw from the harbor exit, you’ll find the taxi rank, nestled comfortably alongside the charming horse carriages. A handy notice board acts as your guide, revealing taxi fares in an open-hearted island spirit. Expect to part with anything from 7 to 17 euros per journey, a modest fee that ebbs and flows with the distance of your route.

Have a specific destination in mind? Feel free to dial up a taxi; there are plenty of numbers available, ready to whisk you off on your next island escapade.

  • Aegina Taxis +30 2297022635
  • Mesagros Taxis +30 2297071313
  • Souvala Taxis +30 6944343606
  • Kypseli Taxis +30 6932328873
  • Agia Marina Taxis +30 2297032107

Pedaling Aegina - Bicycles

For those of you with a fierce love for the great outdoors, independence, and a decent dose of exercise, a bicycle ride is your ticket to explore Aegina’s charming corners. Whether you bring your own trusted two-wheeler or rent one from the island’s stores, you’ll be set for an adventure. With Adventourely’s intriguing points of interest and the trusty Google Maps, you’re all set to embark on a journey that blends fascination with exercise. But remember, the winding, labyrinth-like roads of Aegina, though typical of a Greek island, have no bicycle lanes. So, strap on your helmet and proceed with caution.

Clip-Clopping Aegina - Horse Carriages

For those who get a kick out of vintage charm and tradition, the horse-drawn carriages of Aegina will captivate your heart. While their route is confined from the island’s port to just outside the town, the journey is nothing short of magical. Up to four people can relish this 20-minute ride back in time for a mere 15 euros. And for the little ones? It’s an experience that’ll have their eyes sparkling with glee – so don’t forget to immortalize the moment with your camera!

Sailing Aegina - Water Taxis

Last but not least, water taxis serve as an exciting alternative for getting around Aegina and its neighboring islets. These floating chariots are available for pre-arranged transfers. Simply dial any of the provided numbers, and you’ll find yourself gliding across the crystal-clear waters towards your next destination. Can it get any more enchanting?

Getting around Aegina is a delightful fusion of modern and traditional, with taxis, bicycles, horse carriages, and water taxis ready to take you on an adventure. When it comes to resting your head, the island offers a bevy of accommodations, ranging from quaint family-run bed and breakfasts to luxurious seaside resorts. Once you’re settled, get ready to explore Aegina’s myriad of offerings – from the ancient Temple of Aphaia, the hilltop ruins of Paleohora, to the bustling local markets and sun-kissed beaches.

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