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Where to Stay in Amorgos in 2024 – 5 BEST AREAS

Make your Amorgos vacation memorable with our curated selections of the best places to stay, tailored to provide comfort and authentic local experiences.
Where to Stay in Amorgos

For a memorable Greek getaway, the best areas to stay in Amorgos cater to every taste. Whether you prefer the lively atmosphere of Chora, the serene beachfront of Aegiali, or the traditional charm of its mountain villages, each spot offers its unique experience. Settle into the island’s rhythm in these top locales for an authentic slice of Amorgos life.

Amorgos is a Cycladic gem nestled at the southeastern fringe of the Cyclades cluster. Its elongated shape makes it one of Greece’s most breathtaking untouched islands. The architectural charm of Amorgos follows traditional Cycladic blueprints with stark white houses boasting colorful windows and doors—a vision that’s a feast for the eyes.

Amorgos strikes the perfect balance between serene retreats and vibrant nightlife, especially in the towns of Chora and Aegiali. The island boasts stunning beaches, quaint chapels, and a few unique villages that preserve the rustic charm of yesteryears.

You’ll savor the local lifestyle on this island, where the sun and sea are abundant, and festivities are heartwarming. Amorgos shuns large hotel complexes in favor of cozy guesthouses, rented rooms, and studios, offering a more authentic stay.

The island is also a haven for camping enthusiasts, with superb sites at each port, attracting a younger crowd. Music festivals are a regular occurrence, infusing the island with energy and youth. Let’s explore the top spots to stay in Amorgos.

Post-COVID summer found me on the shores of this beloved island yet again. Though I’d camped on previous visits, this time we opted for rooms. We chose the Οasis Apartments in Chora for their pristine, spacious rooms, loaded with amenities. The hosts were as hospitable as they come, always there to assist. Located just a short uphill walk from Chora’s center, the place offered the convenience of proximity and the peace of seclusion. Take it from me, while camping has its charm, nothing beats the comfort of a quality room!

1. Chora, the best place to stay in Amorgos

Chora Amorgos
Chora Amorgos / photo: wikipedia

Perched at an impressive 350 meters above sea level, Chora is the charming capital of Amorgos. A little over three miles from the bustling Katapola port, it’s perfectly positioned near the heart of the island. This historic settlement, with its white-washed houses, narrow alleys, and a cluster of quaint churches, is my top recommendation for a stay on the island.

The majestic 13th-century castle towering over Chora is a sight to behold. It’s got lower and upper squares, a town hall, and the grand Metropolitan Church – all with the distinctive flat-roofed houses and arched windows. Honestly, a stroll through Chora, with its picturesque lanes draped in bougainvillea and jasmine, is like walking in a live postcard. And you must swing by the renowned Jazzmin Café Bar for a taste of local nightlife!

Beyond the castle, Chora has its gems, like the St. George church at the castle’s entrance and the Metropolitan Church of the Virgin Mary. Don’t miss the two Hellenistic towers and the southern windmills, standing as a testament to the island’s rich history. And if you’re in for a bit of exploration, the nearby villages of Arkesini, Kamari, and Vroutsis offer a slice of serene, untouched beauty with fewer tourists and some of the most breathtaking beaches, like Paradisia and Kalotaritissa.

A trip to Amorgos isn’t complete without visiting the iconic Monastery of Hozoviotissa, near the enchanting Agia Anna beach – yep, the one from “The Big Blue.” Brace yourself for the steps leading up to it, but the panoramic view and the monks’ hospitality, with their freshly-baked raki, are well worth the climb.

If you’re on the island around July 25-26, don’t miss the famed festival of Agia Paraskevi in Kato Meria – it’s a cultural feast! Chora is the gateway to these experiences and maintains its authentic vibe, unspoiled by time. It’s a blend of history, culture, and nightlife – the ideal base to delve into the island’s treasures.

Best Hotels in Chora

2. Katapola, best area to stay in Amorgos with family and kids

Katapola, Amorgos
Katapola, Amorgos / photo: wikipedia

Katapola is the bustling heart of Amorgos, boasting the island’s main port. This spot is lovingly preserved as a traditional settlement, mirroring the quintessential Cycladic architecture found in the capital, Chora. Tucked in a serene bay just five kilometers from the bustling streets of Chora, Katapola offers a gateway to the island’s charm.

I’m particularly fond of the mid-summer festivities here – imagine sipping freshly baked raki to the tune of live music and the joyous shuffle of dancing feet. It’s the kind of authentic Greek celebration that lingers in your memory.

The conveniences in Katapola cater to every need, with a smattering of cozy restaurants, lively cafes, and bars. Vehicle rental services dot the area, and accommodation options range from quaint hotels to private rooms and studios. It’s a self-sufficient little hub that lacks for nothing, making it a reliable base for island explorations.

Beach lovers, take note: Katapola’s own beach, alongside the tranquil Foinikes, offers sun-soaked relaxation close by. But for the adventurous, a short boat trip can whisk you away to the secluded beaches of Plakes and Maltezi. Plakes, with its rugged shoreline, offers a peaceful retreat, while the more popular Maltezi buzzes with activity, framed by the quaint chapels of Prophet Elias and Saint Panteleimon.

For families, Katapola is a no-brainer. It’s ideal for travelers with kids, offering proximity to Chora and a picturesque setting to unwind after a day of adventure. The evenings are particularly enchanting as the day cools into a breezy night.

And if you’re one to embrace the great outdoors, Kastanis Camping is a stone’s throw away on the road to Chora. It’s a haven for campers, with top-notch facilities that I personally recommend. It strikes the perfect balance between tranquility and convenience for a blissful island stay.

Best Hotels in Katapola

3. Aegiali, best place to stay in Amorgos for nightlife

Aegiali / photo: wikipedia

Aegiali Bay is a charming spot on Amorgos, nestled on the island’s northwestern tip. It’s more than just a traditional settlement; it’s also home to the island’s second port and sits a scenic drive of 17 kilometers from the capital, Chora. Aegiali, along with the neighboring villages of Lagkada and Potamos, forms a quaint cluster that’s a magnet for visitors.

If you’re young or simply young at heart, Aegiali Bay is your go-to for vibrant nights. The famous Aegiali Camping and the iconic Disco The Que beach bar are hotspots that keep the party going from dawn until dusk. Imagine starting your day with a breezy morning coffee and ending it dancing on a dedicated dance floor as the sun comes up—this place has got that timeless magic.

But Aegiali isn’t all about night revelries. It’s also a haven for foodies and cafe enthusiasts, with plenty of eateries and taverns dotting the seaside and harbor area. The expansive sandy beach is a gem, perfect for sunbathing or diving into water sports. Fancy diving or a leisurely kayak to hidden coves? You can rent all you need right off the beach.

Just a short drive away is the stunning St. Paul’s beach—a local favorite and a must-visit for any traveler. And when it comes to lodging, Aegiali offers a fantastic array of options, from beachfront rooms to hilltop retreats, making it an ideal choice if you’re arriving or departing from this port. Whether you’re there to soak in the sun or soak up the night, Aegiali Bay promises an experience that’s hard to top.

Best Hotels in Aegiali

4. Tholaria, best village to stay in Amorgos for the food

Tholaria, Amorgos
Tholaria, Amorgos / photo: wikipedia

Imagine unwinding in the quaint village of Tholaria in Amorgos, where tradition is served as warmly as its food. Nestled just 17 kilometers from the Chora and a breath away at 2.5 kilometers from the port of Aegiali, Tholaria is a testament to the island’s heritage, with its name harking back to dome-shaped tombs of the Roman era. I’ve always been drawn to places with a story, and this village, perched 220 meters high on Vigla Hill, is no exception.

Walking through Tholaria, you’re greeted by a postcard-perfect scene: whitewashed houses and narrow alleyways characteristic of Cycladic architecture. For me, nothing beats the charm of these classic Greek island vistas. The heart of the village is its striking main church dedicated to Saints Anargyroi, accompanied by the festive cheer of its annual fair and the neighboring archaeological site of Aegiali.

When it comes to beaches, the secluded Mikri Vlychada is a stone’s throw away, accessible via a scenic trail, followed by the larger Aegiali beach. And if you ask me where to eat, you can’t go wrong with the local taverns. The “Choreftis” and “Panorama” top my list with their mouthwatering cuisine and stunning views over Aegiali or Mikri Vlychada beach.

Accommodation options in Tholaria range from cozy hotels to rentable rooms, striking the perfect balance between peaceful living and proximity to the sea. It’s an ideal pick for anyone looking for a serene, traditional stay with easy beach access. If you’re pondering a getaway to Amorgos, Tholaria, with its blend of beauty and tranquility, would be my personal recommendation for an authentic Greek island experience.

Best Hotels in Tholaria

5. Lagkada

Lagkada, a slice of traditional Aegean charm, is one of the three quaint settlements that make up Aegiali – which, by the way, has been going by that name since the 1940s. Perched at a cozy elevation of 200 meters, this village is a tapestry of whitewashed homes and cobbled alleys that I find irresistibly charming.

The village square, paved with care and known to locals as “Loza,” is the beating heart of Lagkada. Here, amidst the buzz of cafés and the clink of coffee cups, the community gathers. It’s a place I imagine lingering over a coffee just to soak in the local scene. In Kato Geitonia, the hill crested with vineyards adds a touch of green to the landscape, while the main street hosts the revered churches of Agia Sophia and Panagia Akathi – the latter being a visual treat I’d never miss.

Behind the village’s mountainous backdrop lies the Byzantine Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, a testament to historical devotion hidden among the peaks. And for those who like a bit of history with their hikes, the Stavros Chapel to the north stands in awe-inspiring solitude.

For a peaceful retreat that’s still a stone’s throw from Aegiali’s vibrant beaches and nightlife, Lagkada is my kind of spot. With a mix of rental rooms and villas, it’s perfect whether you’re family-bound or traveling with a fun-loving crew. It’s where tradition meets convenience, and where nights are as serene as the Aegean Sea.

Best Hotels in Lagkada

How to get to Amorgos

Since there’s no airport on this Greek gem, the sea is your gateway. Catch a ferry and embark on a journey across the waves from neighboring islands like the picture-perfect Santorini or the ever-bustling Mykonos. And, of course, you can always start from the bustling Piraeus port.

Imagine gliding across the Aegean with the sea breeze in your hair: you can hop on a ferry from Piraeus every day. Choose your style – the leisurely cruise of a conventional ferry or the brisk pace of a high-speed or jet service. The time at sea varies – from a swift 5 hours and 40 minutes to a more relaxed 9 hours and 20 minutes – depending on whether you’re headed to Katapola or Aegiali port.

And here’s a tip from me: Ferryhopper is the go-to for plotting your voyage. It’s a treasure trove of schedules where you can snag your ticket with just a few clicks. Whether you’re an early planner or a last-minute decision-maker, it’s all there in one place, ready to set the stage for your Amorgos adventure.

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