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Where to Stay in Astypalaia in 2024 – 4 Best Areas

Unveil the hidden gems of Astypalaia: Find the ideal place to stay in this Aegean paradise. Our curated guide highlights the island's most captivating areas, blending comfort with adventure, perfect for creating unforgettable memories.
Where to Stay in Astypalaia

Astypalaia, belongs to Dodecanese archipelago –  might trick you into thinking you’ve landed in the Cyclades due to its strategic placement. But what sets it apart is its butterfly shape, earning it the affectionate nickname “the butterfly of the Aegean.” Trust me, this island is an enchanting spot that begs for exploration.

Imagine wandering through a charming town with Cycladic vibes, stumbling upon a Venetian castle, windmills waving in the breeze, and beaches where the water dances in shades of blue and green. And the food? Simply mouthwatering. It’s the perfect backdrop for a dream vacation.

Astypalaia is like a tale of two islands, connected by a slender 100-meter stretch known as the Steno. The main town, referred to as “Inner Island,” and the area of Analipsi, or “Outer Island,” each tell their own story.

Now, choosing where to stay might be the only challenge, with so many inviting spots to choose from. So, pack your bags and set your sights on Astypalaia. It promises an unforgettable escape.

1. Chora, the best area to stay in Astypalaia

Chora of Astypalaia
Chora of Astypalaia

Chora (means town) reigns supreme over Astypalaia, a gem at the heart of the island nestled beneath the Steno in the Inner Island sector. Perched atop a cliff, it majestically surveys the Aegean Sea—a sight to behold.

This traditional settlement, with its picturesque white houses cascading down to Pera Gialos (the old port), is utterly charming. The New Port, a short 5 km journey from Chora, sits across the Steno, linking both worlds.

Capture the essence of Astypalaia with snapshots by the stone windmills. As night falls, lose yourself in the winding alleys, alive with dining and nightlife options. Chora is bustling, home to the island’s largest population, offering a plethora of stays, cafes, and restaurants to suit every taste.

Don’t miss the chance to climb to the Medieval Castle, where breathtaking views await alongside the churches of Evangelistria (Panagia of the Castle) and Agios Georgios.

Other treasures include the 18th-century church of Panagia Portaitissa and the Narkisseios Municipal Library. Each corner of Chora is a testament to Astypalaia’s vibrant history and beauty.

Best Hotels in Chora of Astypalaia

  • (€€€) Korali: luxury units, with kitchenette, 200m from the beach
  • (€) Astra Studios: units with small kitchen, 300m from Livadi beach

2. Pera Gialos, the old port of Astypalaia

Pera Gialos
Pera Gialos

Pera Gialos, cradled at the foot of Chora, blends so seamlessly with the town above that distinguishing between the two can be a delightful challenge.

This area, the traditional and old port of Astypalaia, used to welcome ferries not too long ago. Today, it has transformed into a quaint marina for private boats and yachts.

Stroll around this charming harbor, and you’ll stumble upon cozy cafes, quaint tavernas, lively bars, welcoming accommodations, and of course, the beach.

Speaking of the beach, Pera Gialos offers a fantastic spot for a swim. Sheltered from the winds and dotted with tamarisk trees for natural shade, it’s a slice of paradise.

And for a touch of culture, don’t miss the Astypalaia Archaeological Museum nearby. It’s a treasure trove of finds that narrate the island’s rich history, ensuring your visit is as enlightening as it is relaxing.

Best Hotels in Pera Gialos

  • (€) Paradissos Hotel: a traditional hotel, with breakfast, 30m from Pera Gialos beach

3. Livadi, a beautiful beach to stay in Astypalaia

Livadi Beach

Livadi is a beachside hotspot that draws a crowd, perfectly marrying the charm of the seaside with the buzz of tourist life.

Just a stone’s throw from Chora, you can reach it by taking the steep descent past the Windmills or via the ring road.

The beach itself is spacious and well-appointed with loungers and umbrellas, surrounded by a selection of taverns, cafes, and bars. It’s a delightful mix of coarse sand and pebbles, catering to all tastes.

Accommodation options abound in Livadi, from hotels and studios to rental rooms, ensuring there’s something for every budget and preference.

The area is lively from dawn till dusk, making it an ideal place to stay for those who love having the beach on their doorstep and Chora within easy reach.

Best Hotels in Livadi

  • (€€€) Nisides Suites: suites with breakfast, bar and swimming pool, 400m from beach
  • (€€) Aegean Sea Villas: elegant villas with fully equipped kitchen and swimming pool, 70m from Livadi beach
  • (€) Mouras Studios: beachfront cozy suites with balcony and well-equipped kitchen

4. Analipsi (Maltezana), best area to stay in Astypalaia for families and kids

Analipsi or Maltezana

Nestled in the “Outer Island”, Analipsi, also known as Maltezana—a name possibly echoing the era of Maltese pirates—is a scenic getaway you reach by crossing the Steno.

It’s about 8.5 km from Chora and 6.5 km from the New Port, making it a journey into a quieter side of Astypalaia.

Analipsi stands as the island’s second-largest settlement, offering a tranquil haven perfect for families traveling with children. Its calm ambiance and variety of accommodations make it an excellent choice for a peaceful stay.

Maltezana’s quaint harbor is dotted with fishing boats, the lifeline for local taverns serving up the day’s fresh catch.

The beach at Maltezana, with its sandy shores and shallow, crystal-clear waters, is a paradise for little ones.

You’ll find a few loungers and umbrellas for comfort, but the tamarisk trees provide a canopy of natural shade, inviting you to relax under their whispering leaves.

Best Hotels in Analipsi

  • (€€) Castellano Village: a 3-star hotel with swimming pool, breakfast and bar, 500m from the beach
  • (€€) Hotel Castillio: rooms with balcony and breakfast, 300m from the beach

👉 How to go to Astypalaia

Astypalaia features two harbors: the Old Port in Pera Gialos, practically an extension of Chora, and the New Port, also known as Agios Andreas, located across the Steno, 6 km from Chora. Make sure to know which port you’re using for arrivals and departures.

Sea route enthusiasts can catch a ferry from Piraeus to Astypalaia with Blue Star Ferries, offering five weekly trips in summer, with the journey taking about 8.5-9.5 hours. 

For those preferring to fly, Astypalaia has its own airport in Maltezana, 8.5 km from Chora, serving direct and connected flights from Athens via islands like Kos or Leros. Booking your flights early is advisable for this scenic island escape.

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