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Where to Stay in Chios – 8 BEST AREAS

We've gathered the top 8 areas to stay in Chios, tailored to your preferences and the composition of your group.
Where to Stay in Chios

Chios, the 5th largest island in Greece, is renowned for its medieval villages, diverse natural environment, pristine untouched beaches, and alternative tourism options it offers to its visitors.

Although the island is sizable, I got you covered. I have gathered the top 8 areas to stay in Chios, tailored to your preferences and the composition of your group.

1. Chora, where to stay in Chios for the first time

The capital of Chios (aka Chora) is located on the eastern side of the island, right in the center, offering easy access to explore all sides of the island. It is recommended to plan for at least 7 days to get a good taste of what Chios has to offer.

The port of Chios is also situated in the heart of the town, making it convenient to reach your accommodation even on foot, in case you arrive here by ferry. Please note that there is a second port on the island, in the village of Mesta – we will talk more about that later.

On the other hand, the airport of the island is approximately 4 km from the town center. Although there are buses available, it is most likely that you will need to take a taxi to reach your accommodation in town.

The town is a perfect destination for travelers seeking vibrant nightlife and easy access to the rest of the island.

Within 7-12 kilometers from the town center, you’ll find beautiful beaches such as Karfas, Mersinidi, Monopetro, Glaroi, Agia Fotia, and Megas Limnionas. However, I wouldn’t recommend Bella Vista Beach, which is located next to the port, as the island boasts stunning beaches elsewhere.

The island’s main market is primarily located on the cobblestone street of Aplotaria, with numerous cafes and tavernas lining the side streets. Chios Castle is also worth a visit, especially during sunset. And be sure to check out the trendy mezze restaurant Vradipous for your evening dining experience.

Best hotels in Chora, Chios

2. Karfas, where to stay in Chios with children

Karfas is a seaside village, just 7 kilometers away from the town of Chios. It used to be a popular tourist resort on the island in the 90s and 00s.

It is known for its large sandy beach and shallow waters. You will need to walk for more than 20-30 meters to cover your body with water, making it one of the warmest beaches on the island.

Families with children will appreciate Karfas as it offers amenities to satisfy all members of the family.

You can indulge in water sports, lounge on a sunbed all day, and enjoy the convenience of cafes, restaurants, and bars, so you won’t need to travel to the town even for a moment.

Although it doesn’t have many attractions, apart from the small theater of Agia Eleni, it’s worth taking a stroll by the sea to the nearby settlements of Agia Ermioni and Mega Limnionas. Kampos and Thymiana are also within close proximity.

There are plenty of apartments and hotels in the area, catering to all budgets with prices to suit everyone.

Best hotels in Karfas, Chios

3. Kampos, where to stay in Chios during Spring

Located to the south of the city, you will find the lushest plain of Chios known as “Kampos,” adorned with citrus orchards.

If you enjoy the scent of citrus, stately mansions reminiscent of Genoese architecture, and a tranquil atmosphere, then Kampos is the perfect area for you to stay, especially during the spring season when it is truly breathtaking.

Aside from leisurely walks and bike rides along the narrow streets, Kampos is also home to several dining establishments housed in well-preserved mansions. Be sure to visit “Perivoli” with its museum showcasing the memories, documents, and history of Kampos’ citrus fruits.

While it may not be the most budget-friendly area to stay in Chios, the experience of staying in Kampos will be truly unique. It is conveniently located near the airport and the town center as well.

Best hotels in Kampos, Chios

4. Mesta, the best place to stay in Masticochoria

The village of Mesta is located in southwestern Chios and belongs to the Mastichochoria. It’s situated 4 kilometers away from the Port of Mesta, the island’s second harbor, which is connected to Piraeus on certain days.

The village of Mesta is located in southwestern Chios and belongs to the Mastichochoria. It’s situated 4 kilometers away from the Port of Mesta, the island’s second harbor, which is connected to Piraeus on certain days.

The village is a popular tourist destination, known for its unique architecture reminiscent of the Middle Ages, as well as the stunning natural beauty of the area. Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, such as Apothika, Salagonas, and Mestoussia Aulonia, are located nearby.

A car is definitely necessary to fully enjoy your stay in Mesta. However, you will also have the opportunity to explore the other Mastichochoria villages, as they are located in close proximity to each other.

Be sure to try the “loukoumades” (local honey dumplings) at Kanellos’ charming café in the narrow streets of the village, and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace of Paxata.

Best hotels in Mesta, Chios

5. Volissos, the best place to stay in North Chios

Volissos is the largest village in Northwestern Chios, located 42 kilometers away from the town of Chios. It is built in an amphitheatrical style on the slope of a hill, with the remains of a Byzantine castle preserved at the top. It is open to the public for visits.

Close to Volissos, you can enjoy several beaches, some of which are known for being among the coldest on the island.

If you happen to be in Volissos on the eve of Saint Markella’s day (July 22nd), you will have the opportunity to experience the festive atmosphere, as crowds of people arrive at the nearby location of the monastery, either on foot or by car.

Accommodation options in the area are not abundant, especially during the period between late July and late August, so it’s advisable to make your reservation early to avoid any difficulties.

Best hotels in Volissos, Chios

6. Agia Fotini, a cool place to stay for families near the capital

Agia Fotini (aka Agia Fotia) is the most popular beach on the island. It’s a large beach with white pebbles and crystal-clear waters (especially when the wind blows from the north).

It’s a beloved local beach, which means it gets crowded from June until early September. There are 5 all-day beach bars with sun loungers that stay open until late at night.

Many families choose it as their go-to beach, and it’s our recommended option for a family vacation in Chios if sandy beaches are not your preference.

Best hotels in Agia Fotini, Chios

7. Vrontados, best place to stay on a budget

Vrontados is an extension of Chios town in the north. It is known for the tradition of rocket warfare that takes place during Easter.

Although the area may not offer thrilling experiences, it is very close to the town, has budget-friendly accommodation options, and is located near the beaches of Mersinidi and Glaroi.

There may not be many cafes and bars in the area, but along the coast, you will find several fish taverns to enjoy fresh seafood.

Best hotels in Vrontados, Chios

8. Pyrgi, best place to stay for sightseeing

Pyrgi got its name from the large and tall tower that was built around which the current village was developed.

The streets of Pyrgi are narrow, and the houses are tall, with most of them being two or three stories high, lined along the streets.

In addition to the beautiful carved designs of the village, Pyrgi is located very close to three of the most stunning beaches on the island: Mavra Volia, Agia Dynami, and Vroulidia.

Komi, a seaside settlement in southern Chios, is also within a short distance, where you can find one of the most organized beaches on the island.

The Mastiha Museum and Cave of Olympi, two of the top attractions of the island, are also located nearby.

Best hotels in Pyrgi, Chios

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