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Where to Stay in Evia in 2024 – 10 Best Areas

Find your ideal vacation spot in Evia with our guide to the island's best areas to stay. Whether you're seeking beach bliss or cultural treasures, uncover where to make your home away from home.
Where to Stay in Evia

Evia or Euboea is a gem of an island that’s vast and brimming with choices for your stay. Imagine deciding between a bustling capital, quaint seaside villages, mountain retreats, and stunning beaches caressed by the waters of the North or South Euboean Gulf or the Aegean Sea. It’s like picking from a treasure trove!

Just a stone’s throw from Athens, Evia is easily reachable by car in just over an hour, making it a perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway. But let me tell you, if you’re looking to soak up the summer sun—or really, any time you feel like escaping—this island demands more than a short visit. To truly uncover all its secrets, you might find yourself coming back not once, but maybe two or three times.

In the guide to follow, I’ve rounded up the top spots to consider for your stay in Evia. Whether you’re after the ultimate relaxation spot or an adventure haven, you’ll find the perfect base for your holiday here.

1. Chalkida, the capital of Evia Island


Chalkida, the heartbeat of Evia, gracefully stretches across the Euripus Strait, with one foot in mainland Greece and the other dipping into island life. It’s a city that bridges two worlds, literally, with the Old and High Euripus Bridges linking the urban with the idyllic.

Wandering through the capital of Evia, you’ll stumble upon a vibrant mix of shopping, comfy hotels, quaint guesthouses, and eateries ranging from traditional taverns to trendy cafes and bars, not to mention the legendary ouzeries serving up succulent seafood and fresh fish that’s just too good to pass up.

The crown jewel of Chalkida has to be the Karababa Castle perched in the Kanithos district (that’s on the mainland side, by the way). Built by the Ottomans in 1684, this fortress stands on grounds that may have first been fortified during Roman times—a glimpse into a past that feels almost tangible.

Don’t miss the Arethousa Archaeological Museum at the city’s entrance or the Medieval Walls displayed in the Chamber of Commerce’s basement. These spots are like time machines, whisking you back through history with every step.

While Chalkida offers all the creature comforts and a wide array of lodging options, it’s a bustling city that might not scream ‘island getaway’ at first glance. But fear not, beach lovers! Nearby spots like Alykes in Drosia and Agios Minas beach are just a short drive away, complete with lively beach bars for that essential summer vibe.

Best Hotels in Chalkida

2. Loutra Edipsou, where to stay in Evia for the thermal springs

Edipsos / photo: wikipedia

Nestled in the northeastern corner of Evia, just 107 kilometers from Chalkida, lies the therapeutic haven of Loutra Edipsou. This quaint village, adorned with numerous chapels and situated roughly 4 kilometers from the baths, is a picturesque detour worth taking.

Aidipsos isn’t just any spa town; it’s Greece’s largest, drawing crowds eager to bask in the healing embrace of its thermal springs. These waters are a magnet for those of a certain age or with health concerns, looking for relief and rejuvenation.

Here, you’ll find a mix of public and private baths to dip into. The modern hydrotherapy center, dating back to 1985, offers everything from an outdoor soaking pool, indoor pools, simple and whirlpool baths, to specialized treatments like hydro-massage for small groups, ensuring a diverse and holistic spa experience.

For an adventure beyond the baths, head towards Kavo—about a 40-minute drive—and catch a boat to the enchanting Lichadonisia, a cluster of islands born from volcanic activity in the North Euboean Gulf. With its captivating landscapes and a beach bar catering to visitors, it’s a popular spot for those looking to bask in nature’s beauty.

Thanks to the area’s booming tourism, you’ll find a splendid array of accommodations, some even boasting specially designed spa facilities for the ultimate relaxation. Aidipsos offers a serene retreat perfect for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of natural hot springs in a tranquil setting.

Best Hotels in Loutra Edipsou

3. Eretria, a town in Evia with cultural interest


Eretria, nestled on the southern coast of Evia, is just about 20 kilometers from Chalkida and is a picturesque seaside gem that beckons travelers. This town isn’t just any holiday spot; it boasts a charming harbor that’s linked to the port of Oropos, making it a hub of activity and connection.

Diving into Eretria’s culture is like unearthing treasures, thanks to 19th-century excavations that illuminated its rich past. These findings have found a home in the Eretria Archaeological Museum, where history buffs can get their fill of ancient wonders.

Eretria is renowned for its delightful dining scene, offering a plethora of taverns and restaurants where the local flavors come to life. Whether you’re here for the food, the expansive beach, or the cozy accommodations, Eretria has something special for everyone.

Just a short 10-kilometer journey away lies Amarynthos, another coastal charm with a beautifully organized beach perfect for families. It’s an ideal spot for those traveling with little ones, offering a serene and safe seaside experience.

Best Hotels in Eretria

4. Marmari, best area to stay in Evia for surfing

Megali Ammos Beach
Megali Ammos Beach

Marmari, a coastal village in Evia, has become a go-to retreat for Athenians, thanks to its convenient location across from Rafina, where ferries frequently make the short one-hour journey.

Perched amphitheatrically on a bay, the area is rich in marble and slate rock formations, coming alive in the summer with a variety of accommodations for visitors.

The crown jewel of Marmari is the famed Megali Ammos beach, a magnet for beachgoers and a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, complete with its own school, the Royal Sand Marmari Surf Club.

This stunning beach, with its easy access, coarse sand, and crystal-clear waters, is the perfect spot to witness a breathtaking sunset.

For those looking to explore further, take a kaiki—or your own boat—to the Petalioi islands, a cluster of islets with Megalonisos being the largest. This idyllic setting of turquoise waters, enchanting sandy shores, and lush greenery promises unforgettable moments.

Best Hotels in Marmari

5. Kymi, a traditional village of Evia, close to the beach

Kymi Port
Kymi Port

Kymi, a picturesque town with a port nestled in the heart of eastern Evia, is just a scenic 85 km drive from Chalkida and a mere 4.5 km from its own beautiful beach. This town, set 200 meters above sea level in a lush, water-rich area, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, rightfully earning it the nickname “The Balcony of the Aegean”.

Its artificial harbor serves as the gateway to Skyros, connecting Evia with the island through frequent ferry services. Kymi’s coastline is dotted with inviting beaches, including the town’s namesake beach and Soutsini, known for its dramatic cliffs—perfect for spearfishing enthusiasts.

Venture a bit further, and you’ll discover the secluded beaches of Platana and Mourteri. Mourteri, one of Evia’s largest beaches, features a mix of sand and pebbles, complemented by a few beach bars and tavernas. However, strong northern winds can make swimming here a bit challenging.

Kymi doesn’t just dazzle with its natural beauty; it’s also a hub of cultural interest. From the Folklore Museum to the church of Panagia Loutsanissa.

Nature lovers will delight in the therapeutic springs of Choneutikos, known for their healing properties, and the scenic trail leading from the mill or the reservoir down to the harbor, offering dreamy views from above.

Kymi caters to every need of the modern traveler, boasting a range of accommodations, eateries, and taverns, along with a selection of bars and clubs for those seeking nightlife. The summer months, in particular, are alive with vibrant night-time activities.

Best Hotels in Kymi

6. Limni, a picturesque place in Evia

Limni / photo: wikipedia

Limni is a charming town just a 77 km journey from Chalkida. This picturesque locale, inhabited since the Paleolithic era, is designed like an amphitheater with quaint white houses that offer stunning views of the North Euboean Gulf’s azure waters.

This spot has blossomed into a tourist haven in recent years, all while retaining its traditional essence. The coastal area, buzzing with activity, is the town’s focal point, lined with ouzeries, taverns, cafes, and bars that come alive during the summer.

A short trip from Limni takes you to the village of Drymonas, home to the breathtaking Drymonas Waterfalls set in a lush forest. 

Just 10 km from Limni, the historic Byzantine Monastery of Galataki, founded in the 7th century AD, awaits exploration. Within the town, don’t miss the Limni Historical and Folklore Museum and the Limni Evias Municipal Park. 

For beach lovers, Limni’s beach is right on your doorstep. But for a quick escape, head to Kochyli beach, a large pebbly stretch equipped with all the essentials—snack bars, sun beds, umbrellas—and crystal-clear waters.

Best Hotels in Limni

7. Agia Anna, the most famous beach in Evia

Agia Anna
Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a stunning seaside settlement on the northeastern shores of Evia, kissed by the Aegean Sea. A mere 73 kilometers from Chalkida, it encompasses the charming areas of Agkali and Palaiovrysi. Known for its extensive beach, vibrant nightlife, and an organized camping spot, Agia Anna stands out as one of the island’s most beloved destinations.

Perched on a slope at an altitude of 300 meters, the settlement is conveniently located about 6 km from Agkali and 8 km from the Agia Anna beach.

In Agkali, you’ll find a plethora of guesthouses, a few hotels, and the renowned Agia Anna Summer Resort Club, featuring bungalows and a café-bar with a pool. Scattered throughout the area are taverns serving delicious meals. The beach itself is pebbly but boasts crystal-clear waters.

Don’t miss out on visiting the village, where a folklore museum showcases traditional costumes and tools, offering a glimpse into the local heritage.

For those keen on adventures in nature, consider a trip to the traditional village of Achladi or trek through the Boulovinaina gorge. You could even venture to the Drimonas waterfalls for a refreshing escape.

Best Hotels in Agia Anna

8. Karystos, a big city in south Evia


Karystos is a captivating seaside town cradled in a bay with its own bustling port. Just 118 km away from Chalkida and a short 13 km hop from Marmari, it stands as the largest city in southern Evia. Beyond its sun-kissed beaches, Karystos is a hotspot for nightlife and fun.

The coastal road is alive with ouzeries, restaurants, and café bars that become the heart of summer evening social life. Karystos is celebrated for its beaches, offering a variety from those close to the settlement to more secluded spots.

Gallida beach, near the settlement, is somewhat organized with umbrellas and cafes, tavernas, and a few hotels, although most of it remains unspoiled. On the city’s other side, Psili Ammos beach is framed by two large hotels and features a beach bar providing loungers and umbrellas.

Head east to Agia Paraskevi beach, a slice of paradise with turquoise waters, loungers, umbrellas, and a popular beach bar catering to visitors.

Other stunning beaches include Bouros, Marmara, and Kavos. If exploring is your thing, venture towards Cape Kafireas (also known as Cavo D’Oro), where unique beaches like Potami, Archampoli, and the Dipotamos gorge await.

Best Hotels in Karystos

9. Limnionas, where to stay in Evia for beautiful beaches

Limnionas / photo: wikipedia

Limnionas is a delightful coastal hamlet situated at the heart of Evia’s eastern shoreline, caressed by the Aegean Sea. Just a 45 km drive from Chalkida, it’s perfectly placed near some of the island’s finest beaches.

The area boasts a variety of guest accommodations, though it’s worth noting that despite regulations, many visitors are drawn to its beach for free camping.

Limnionas Beach, with its unique black pebbles, is divided by a large rock into two distinct areas. The right side of the beach is more expansive, close to taverns and parking, making it the busier spot. The left side, smaller and fringed by steep cliffs and a cave, tends to attract more campers.

Adventurers with boats, canoes, or kayaks can explore the Shark Cave, accessible only from the water and located east of the beach. Exercise caution, as caves always come with risks.

Just 10 km away lies Petali Beach, a splendid small cove surrounded by rocks, offering crystal-clear Aegean waters. Further south, you’ll find Vythouri, Chiliadou, and Thapsa beaches, with Thapsa being notably rugged.

Best Hotels in Limnionas

10. Pefki, where to stay in Evia for families and kids

Pefki / photo: wikipedia

Pefki, a quaint seaside village nestled at the northern tip of Evia, is a scenic 113 km from Chalkida and just 11 km from Istiaia. It’s beautifully situated opposite the Pagasetic Gulf, enveloped in a verdant landscape where pine trees stretch all the way to the sea’s edge.

Pefki is the place to witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets, and from its harbor, you can easily set sail to the Sporades islands. The area enjoys a bustling tourist scene, boasting a wide array of accommodations, from hotels and guesthouses to camping sites, complemented by a rich selection of taverns, ouzeries, restaurants, and cafes.

The surrounding forests are perfect for leisurely strolls, with the pine trees providing ample shade right down to the beaches. Stretching over 5 km, the beach is a haven for families, offering an ideal setting for a memorable vacation with children.

Best Hotels in Pefki

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