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Where to Stay in Kythnos – 4 Best Areas

Discover the best places to stay in Kythnos, from picturesque Chora and historic Driopida to family-friendly Kanala and rejuvenating Loutra, with accommodations for every budget and preference.
Where to Stay in Kythnos - 4 Best Areas

Kythnos, an enchanting Cycladic island nestled between Kea and Serifos, is a gem that never fails to delight.

Its proximity to the Attica region—less than two hours from Lavrio and a mere three hours from Piraeus—renders it an excellent choice for your summer holidays or even a quick weekend getaway.

Despite its modest size, Kythnos boasts a lengthy coastline with 92 beaches, coves, and anchorages; a true haven for water enthusiasts.

Kolona Beach, the most famous beach of Kythnos

Even the island’s highest mountains do not exceed 336 meters, which contributes to its charming and approachable character.

The locals affectionately call it “Thermia“, a name dating back to the 12th century, most likely attributed to the therapeutic hot springs located in the northern part of the island.

Although vegetation may be sparse, Kythnos is rich in other aesthetic gifts. It presents an array of beautiful beaches, magical sunsets, quaint alleyways with traditional houses, archaeological finds, and windmills. If you dream of a Cycladic island close to Athens for relaxation, Kythnos is indeed an ideal choice.

Before you proceed with your booking, do take the time to study the best areas to stay in Kythnos. This preparation will help you flawlessly organize your stay and ensure an unforgettable experience on this beguiling island.

In my opinion, taking a step back to plan can truly enhance your holiday, and in Kythnos, there are numerous delightful spots to discover!

1. Chora of Kythnos (Mesaria), the best area to stay for first time

Undoubtedly, Chora of Kythnos, also known as Mesaria, is the most charming settlement on the island.

Nestled inland, in the north-central region of the island, it began to flourish in the 17th century after the pirate Barbarossa ravaged the then-capital, Castle of Orias.

Castle of Orias, Kythnos
Castle of Orias, Kythnos

Merichas, the port of Kythnos, is approximately 8 kilometers away, and one of the nearest beaches is Apokrousi. This beach, adorned with sand and fine pebbles, is also home to beach bars and tavernas nearby.

Also close by is Kolona, arguably the most photographed beach on Kythnos.

The settlement stays true to Cycladic architecture, presenting a vista of white houses with ceramic rooftops and colorful doors and windows.

You’ll be enchanted by the countless churches, stone-paved paths, windmills, old mansions, and blossoming gardens.

You will find shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes along the main road and in Mesaria’s square. There are excellent accommodation options available, mainly consisting of rental rooms, and parking is conveniently located at the entrance of the settlement.

Where to stay in Chora of Kythnos (Mesaria)

  • (€€€) Chora Kythnos Suites adults only: These luxurious rooms, adorned with exquisite decor, are perfect for a lavish stay. Facilities include an outdoor pool, gym, and bar.
  • (€€) Kozadinos Art Suites: Beautifully decorated rooms with stone and wood elements and a small kitchen, these suites can accommodate families and offer a comfortable, homey feel.
  • (€€) Kounelia Luxury Apartments: Modern and traditionally decorated apartments with a fully equipped kitchen, just a 5-minute walk from Chora. A blend

2. Merichas, Staying at the Port of Kythnos

Merichas Port, Kythnos
Merichas Port, Kythnos

Merichas is the first sight you’ll encounter upon your arrival in Kythnos, as it serves as the port where ships from Piraeus and Lavrio dock. Located at the western edge of the island, it stands as one of Kythnos’ natural and sheltered harbors.

Merichas is the starting point of two main road axes; one leading towards Chora and Loutra, and the other towards Dryopida and Panagia Kanala. 

It is one of the three largest settlements on Kythnos, along with Chora and Dryopida, attracting a large number of visitors who prefer to stay at the point of arrival and departure.

In the area, you’ll find everything you need: hotels, rental rooms, supermarkets, shops, fish taverns, restaurants, cafes, and bars. If you’re looking for tranquility, opt for accommodations located deeper into the settlement and not directly on the harbor.

For a swim, you can head north towards Martinakia or the secluded beach of Episkopi, which boasts tamarisk trees for natural shade. Both beaches are sandy and welcoming.

Where to stay in Merichas

  • (€€€) Cactus Suites Kythnos: Beautiful rooms with a modern design. All rooms are equipped with a coffee maker and free Wi-Fi.
  • (€€) Tzamaros Studios: Apartments with a small kitchen, cooking utensils, and cooktops. The spaces are spacious and well-maintained.
  • (€) Juli’s Suites: Simple yet charming rooms equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, and cooktops. Ideal for families, free parking is also available.

3. Kanala, Best Area to Stay in Kythnos with Children and Family

Panagia Kanala, Kythnos
Panagia Kanala, Kythnos

The seaside region of Kanala is situated southeast of Kythnos, a mere 12 kilometers from Merichas and 10 kilometers from Chora.

Built upon a cape, Kanala gets its name from Panagia of Kanala, the island’s patron saint. In her honor, two major festivals are held (15th of August and 8th of September).

Kanala is home to Kythnos’ only pine forest, and is a peaceful area predominantly favored by families with children. Here, you’ll find accommodations, rental rooms, studios, taverns, restaurants, cafes, and a bakery.

Megali Ammos is the region’s beach, boasting golden sand and turquoise waters. It’s an ideal location for families with children, and there’s a beach bar serving those enjoying a day by the sea.

On the eastern side of the peninsula, you’ll find the exotic Antonides beach, which also offers turquoise waters and tamarisk trees for natural shade.

Where to stay in Kanala:

  • (€€€) Mantellina Suites: A traditional stone-built hotel with beautiful island-style suites. Rooms come equipped with a small kitchen, and guests can enjoy a choice of an a la carte or European breakfast.
  • (€) Kanala Studios: An apartment hotel offering new rooms with beautiful decor and minimalist design, each equipped with a small kitchen. An outdoor pool with sun loungers is available for guests to relax and enjoy.

4. Loutra, a Tourist Area Adjacent to the Healing Springs of Kythnos

Loutra is a seaside and traditional settlement on the northeastern tip of Kythnos. The area has been known since ancient times due to its healing springs and is in close proximity to the Archaeological Site of Maroulas.

Featuring a natural harbor, which is considered an extension of Chora being just 5 km away, Loutra is famed for its therapeutic springs. The first facilities have been operational since the era of Ottoman rule.

The modern facilities of the Healing Baths of Kythnos consist of hydromassage baths, but if you prefer, you can swim outside the facilities, right where the warm waters emerge.

Loutra has seen significant tourist development, and a large number of visitors choose to stay there for easy access to the springs. There are hotels, rental rooms, restaurants, and taverns catering to tourists.

Heading north, you’ll find several beaches such as Schoinari, Agia Irini, Kavourocheri, Potamia, and Agios Sostis.

Where to stay in Loutra:

  • (€€€) Enjoy Cyclades Apartments: Apartments that combine traditional and modern decor. They are equipped with a kitchen with cooking hobs and a refrigerator.
  • (€€€) Aiolos Studios: Fully equipped studios, with a kitchen, table, and veranda. They can also accommodate families.
  • (€) Kythnos Bay Hotel: A very beautiful hotel with well-kept rooms in a minimalistic design. There is a shared lounge and it’s just 100 meters from the beach. For the months of June and September, the prices are very affordable.

In summary, Kythnos is a charming island offering diverse experiences for visitors.

Chora, the island’s capital, is a picturesque destination with traditional architecture, while Driopida, steeped in history, provides insight into the island’s rich past.

For families, Kanala’s tranquil beachside setting and pine forest make it an ideal spot for relaxation, and Loutra’s therapeutic springs attract those seeking rejuvenation.

With an array of accommodation options, each location caters to different preferences and budgets, ensuring a memorable stay for all who visit this alluring island.

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