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Where to Stay in Lemnos in 2024 – 6 Best Areas

Discover the best areas to stay in Lemnos for an unforgettable Greek island getaway. Find the perfect spot for relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration.
Where to Stay in Lemnos

Lemnos, nestled in the Northern Aegean and Thracian Sea, stands out as Greece’s eighth largest island. This gem is not your typical forest-covered retreat; instead, it surprises with its volcanic landscape dotted with fields of wheat and vineyards.

Its deep-rooted history is reflected in the island’s significant landmarks, inviting explorers and history buffs alike. If you’re dreaming of sun-soaked beaches and quaint villages for a serene getaway, Lemnos is your go-to destination.

Plus, it’s a paradise for surf enthusiasts, especially around the Keros area, known for its excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing, complete with schools for those eager to learn.

Getting there is a breeze, whether you choose to sail from Piraeus, Kavala, or neighboring islands, or fly directly. Before booking your stay, take a moment to explore Lemnos’ best spots for accommodation to ensure you find the perfect match for your vacation vibes.

1. Myrina, best area to stay in Lemnos island


Myrina, the heart and soul of Lemnos, graces the island’s southwest tip. This area, inhabited since the Bronze Age, officially became a city between the 12th and 13th centuries.

Wander through its charming streets, and you’ll be greeted by traditional architecture, including picturesque alleyways, noble homes along Romeikos Gialos, bustling markets, and a quaint harbor.

The city’s treasures include a 12th-century Castle, later enhanced by the Venetians, the majestic Metropolitan Church of the Holy Trinity, an Ecclesiastical Museum, and the Dapia on Tsas hill.

For beach lovers, Romeikos Gialos and Riha Nera are within walking distance, offering perfect spots for a quick dip or to soak up the sun.

Myrina also boasts a variety of accommodation options, eateries, and bars to ensure your stay is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

Best Hotels in Myrina

2. Moudros, a beautifl village in Lemnos

Megalo Fanaraki beach
Megalo Fanaraki beach

Moudros, a coastal gem in the heart of Lemnos, offers a serene escape within its natural bay on the island’s southern part. This spot has been home to civilizations since prehistoric times, with the city’s focal point on the tiny island of Koukonisi, just a stone’s throw away.

Just a 9 km journey will lead you to the archaeological site of Poliochni, which dates back to the Neolithic period, around the 5th or 4th millennium BC. Facing the shores of Troy (though Troy itself was built a millennium later), Poliochni evolved into a bustling urban settlement complete with stone houses, squares, wells, streets, and a protective wall.

For beach enthusiasts, the nearby Mikro and Megalo Fanaraki beaches offer pristine sands and crystal-clear waters.

Mikro Fanaraki, nestled in the Bay of Moudros and just 4 km from the village, is a youth-favorite with its organized beach, sun loungers, umbrellas, and a snack bar. Right next to it, Megalo Fanaraki boasts an organized sandy beach with a beach bar, perfect for a day under the sun.

In Moudros, you’ll find a selection of tavernas and apartments for rent. If you’re looking for nightlife, head to Myrina, a mere half-hour drive away, where a broader range of entertainment options awaits.

Best Hotels in Moudros

  • (€€€) Aphrodite Stone Apartmentsbeachfront apartments with breakfast and bar, 400m from Megalo Fanaraki
  • (€€) Ethaleia Hotela 3-star hotel with breakfast and bar, 2.5km from Moudros
  • (€) Το Kymaa 2-star hotel with breakfast and bar, close to Moudros beach

3. Agios Ioannis Kaspakas, a beautiful beach in Lemnos

agios ioannis kaspakas

Kaspakas, nestled on the western side of Lemnos, is steeped in historical allure. Its name pays homage to General Katakalo Kaspakas, rumored to have owned land on the island.

The area’s beach, Agios Ioannis (Saint Ioannis), is a sandy haven flanked by rocks, which has seen significant tourist development in recent years. Here, visitors can find cozy rooms for rent and tavernas ready to serve up local delights.

A half-hour drive from Kaspakas takes you to the famous Ammothines, also known as Pachies Ammoudies, or the “Desert of Lemnos.”

This 70-acre landscape, one of the island’s most photographed spots, emerges from the sand’s erosion and deposition, creating unique habitats.

Best Hotels in Agios Ioannis Kaspakas

  • (€€€) Lithoessa Luxury Apartmentsluxury apartments with swimming pool and breakfast, 1.1 km from Agios Ioannis Kaspakas beach
  • (€€) Porto Plaza Hotela 4-star hotel with swimming pool, bar and breakfast, 850m from Agios Ioannis Kaspakas beach
  • (€) Studios Edemstudios with garden and free parking, 150m from the beach

4. Plati, where to stay in Lemnos with kids


Plati, a charming village in Lemnos, lies just 3.5 kilometers south of Myrina. Perched on a hill and just a short walk from the sea, this spot has a rich history, with its bay serving as a port since medieval times.

Right next to the island’s capital, Platy’s seaside area has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

Here, you’re spoilt for choice with a variety of rental rooms, quaint hotels, tavernas, and bars to enjoy your evenings. The beach is well-equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, boasting shallow waters perfect for families with children.

Best Hotels in Plati

  • (€€€) Victoria Limnosapartments with bar and breakfast and swimming pool, 500m from the village
  • (€€) Platy Beach Hotela 3-star beachfront hotel with restaurant and bar, in Plati beach
  • (€) Panorama Platiapartments with free parking, 500m from the Plati beach

5. Kalliopi, where to stay in Lemnos for surfing

Keros beach
Keros beach

Kalliopi, a quaint village on Lemnos, is about 30 kilometers from Myrina. Positioned on the island’s eastern edge, it sprawls across a flat area near Keros Bay, presenting an intriguing blend of history and natural beauty.

The village is home to Hortarolimni, one of the most significant wetlands under the NATURA network. This brackish lagoon dries up in summer, transforming into a vast salt flat—a sight to behold.

A short distance away lies the Limnos Salt Lake, a vast saline lagoon covering over 6,300 acres. During most of the year, it’s submerged under seawater, but as it dries, it reveals a mesmerizing salt flat.

Nearby, the ancient city of Hephaistia invites explorers. This site was once Lemnos’s largest and oldest city, where excavations have uncovered a sanctuary dedicated to the Great Goddess of Lemnos, necropolises, baths, a palace, wells, and a theater.

However, the crown jewel of Kalliope is Keros Beach, nestled between Cape Keros and Cape Kavallaris. This sandy beach with shallow waters is perfect for families and water sports enthusiasts. It’s equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, a beach bar, and a snack bar, plus a designated area for campers.

Keros Beach is a hotspot for water sports, hosting schools like Siroko Wind Club, Surf Club Keros, FlaminGokite, No Rush Kite Club, and KBC Limnos – Keros Blue Beach, making it a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing fans.

Best Hotels in Kalliopi

6. Kontias


Kontias, nestled in the southern part of Lemnos, is a quaint village about 11 kilometers from Myrina. Originally situated closer to the coast, its inhabitants moved inland to escape pirate raids, giving the village a rich history of resilience and adaptation.

When in Kontias, don’t miss the chance to marvel at the windmills and capture memorable photos. The village’s oldest church, Saint John the Baptist, boasts a fortress-like design with embrasures and cannons from the 16th century.

Other spiritual sites include the parish church of Saint Dimitrios, with its basilica design, and the Church of the Nativity of Christ.

Just a short 3-kilometer journey from the village, you’ll find Evgati Beach (also known as Nevgatis or Zematas). This expansive sandy beach stretches for about 1.5 kilometers, featuring shallow waters that are perfect for young children. It’s an organized spot with tavernas, café-bars, and sun loungers, making it an ideal place for a family day out by the sea.

Best Hotels in Kontias

  • (€€€) Amaranto Evgatis Limnosapartment for 3 people, with swimming pool, few steps from Evgati beach
  • (€€) Diapori Apartmentsapartments with breakfast, 200m from Diapori beach
  • (€€) Evgatis Hotela 3-star hotel, with swimming pool and breakfast, in Evgati beach

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