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Where to Stay in Lesvos in 2024 – 7 Best Areas

Discover the best areas to stay in Lesvos for your next vacation. From scenic beachfront locales to charming historic towns, find the perfect spot for relaxation, adventure, and authentic Greek culture.
Where to Stay in Lesvos

Lesvos, the third-largest Greek island, nestles in the northeastern Aegean Sea, a stone’s throw from Turkey’s shores. This gem is breathtakingly beautiful, dotted with picturesque villages and lush greenery.

In Mytilene—the island’s heart and capital—you’re in for a treat. The summer holidays here are nothing short of magical, but that’s not the only season to enjoy. Choosing where to stay on this island can significantly shape your experience.

Lesvos is a mosaic of settlements, with some more touched by tourism than others. Personally, I find Mytilene to be the jewel in Lesvos’ crown. It’s an unbeatable base for exploring what this island offers.

But the island’s charm doesn’t stop at its capital. Far-flung areas and quaint villages lie beyond the well-trodden paths, waiting to be discovered. Places like Mithymna, Plomari, and Eresos might just capture your heart. Each has its unique vibe, potentially perfect for your next adventure.

1. Mytilene, the best area to stay in Lesvos


Mytilene stretches far and wide, offering a delightful blend of the old and the new. Its southern and southwestern parts boast modern high-rises, while the rest of the city cherishes its heritage with low-rise, preserved neoclassical mansions, and buildings echoing Baroque, Neo-Gothic, Belle Époque, and Renaissance styles.

The city’s waterfront is a stunner, lined with bustling bars and cozy cafés—a personal favorite for a leisurely stroll. Tucked away in its narrow alleys, you’ll stumble upon charming local shops, traditional coffee houses, and trendy minimalistic cafés that just invite you to linger longer.

Culturally rich, Mytilene is a treasure trove of sights. Don’t miss the Saint Therapon Church, the metropolitan Saint Athanasios Church with its Neo-Gothic bell tower, the imposing Mytilene Castle, the Ancient Theatre, and the Geni Tzami. Each spot tells a story worth discovering.

What I adore about Mytilene is how walkable it is. In minutes, you can traverse from one end to the other, making it an ideal spot for a family vacation on Lesvos. All roads to the island’s seaside wonders and quaint villages start here, and at night, the city’s magic is yours to relish again.

Accommodation options in and around Mytilene are plentiful and varied, from hotels and rooms to rent, often at prices more attractive than other Greek islands. You’re bound to find something that suits your taste and budget, ensuring your stay in Mytilene is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Best Hotels in Mytilene

2. Mithymna, a beautiful traditional village in Lesvos

Mithymna / photo: wikipedia

Mithymna, or as some prefer Molyvos, is a seaside gem on Lesvos’ northwest tip, an hour’s drive from Mytilene. This village, crowned by its commanding castle, is undoubtedly one of Lesvos’ prettiest sights.

Mithymna is a vision straight out of an Aegean fairy tale, with its stone houses and cobblestone paths winding through the village. Its traditional harbor buzzes with life, home to cozy tavernas, cafés, and shops brimming with folk art that I find absolutely charming.

The village’s beach, with its golden sands and organized spots, is perfect for a day under the sun. Just a short trip away, Eftalou offers the unique experience of thermal springs by the sea, a spot I always recommend to those seeking relaxation.

Dining in Mithymna is a delight, especially if you’re a fan of seafood like me. For drinks, the Congas Ethnic Beach Bar, Molly’s Bar, and Sokaki Cocktail Bar offer lively spots for cocktails and socializing.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional stay or something more modern, Mithymna offers a range of accommodations from hotels and rooms to villas, ensuring a comfortable stay in this picturesque part of Lesvos.

Best Hotels in Mithymna

3. Plomari, best area to stay in Lesvos for families and kids


Plomari graces the southern shores of Lesvos, standing as the island’s second most populous spot after Mytilene. Its bustling harbor is a beacon for tourists and a splendid choice for family stays.

Known as the ouzo capital, Plomari’s fame for this anise-flavored spirit is unparalleled. Highlights of this town include an old soap factory, the stunning white marble interior of the Church of Agia Paraskevi, and the Church of Prophet Elias perched at the town’s highest point—each site adds a unique flavor to Plomari’s rich cultural tapestry.

Plomari is a hub of activity, offering an array of restaurants, taverns, bars, cafés, and shops. It’s also the perfect launchpad for exploring the surrounding villages, adding to its charm.

Just a 50-minute drive from Mytilene, Plomari provides an easy escape to the city’s hustle and bustle, allowing for leisurely day trips.

For me, the journey between these locales is as enchanting as the destinations themselves, weaving through landscapes that capture the heart of Lesvos’ natural beauty.

Best Hotels in Plomari

4. Eresos, a famous beach in Lesvos


Nestled on the western coast of Lesvos, Eresos is a scenic 1.5-hour drive from Mytilene, making it one of the island’s oldest settlements that beckon with its timeless charm.

The heart of Eresos beats strongest at Skala Eresou, a 3-kilometer stretch of sand that’s among my top picks for a beach day. Whether you’re into lively beach bars or serene nudist spots, Skala has a slice of paradise for everyone. Its allure is undeniable, promising to captivate you just as much as it did me.

Eresos is not just about sun and sea; it’s steeped in history too. Must-visits include the Archaeological Museum in Skala, the Vigla Hill with remnants of ancient Eresos’ acropolis, and the modern sculptures at the Panagiouda chapel, blending the old with the new in a truly unique way.

This destination is a magnet for visitors, many of whom dedicate a day to explore its vintage charm that recalls the laid-back vibes of Greek summers past. With its array of alternative beach bars, Eresos offers everything you need with a nostalgic twist.

Accommodation options are plentiful here, from hotels to rentable homes, all promising cozy stays without breaking the bank. You’re sure to find the perfect spot that suits your taste and budget, making Eresos a can’t-miss stop on your Lesvos adventure.

Best Hotels in Eresos

  • (€€€) Aeolian Village Beach Resorta 4-star beachfront hotel with swimming pool, spa, bar and breakfast
  • (€€) Aumkarabeachfront apartments with a kitchenette and balcony
  • (€) Galini Hotelmodern rooms with terrace and breakfast, 80m from the beach

5. Petra, a romantic old village in North Lesvos

Petra Lesvos

Petra, nestled in the northern part of Lesvos, is a mere 55 kilometers from Mytilene. This coastal gem draws crowds during the summer, boasting a wide array of accommodation options to suit every traveler.

The beach stretches far and wide, with a unique mix of sand and pebbles underfoot. Its seabed is quite unusual, featuring a rock plate in places, and the clarity of the waters can vary with the weather. It’s an interesting spot that adds a bit of mystery to your swim.

You’ll find several beach bars and taverns along the shore offering free sunbeds—just grab a bite or a drink to use them. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the beach without any hassle.

Among Petra’s highlights are the Church of Panagia Glykofilousa, proudly perched atop a rock—hence the name Petra, meaning “rock” in Greek. Climbing the 114 steps to reach it is a mini-adventure in itself. 

Petra’s blend of natural beauty and cultural richness makes it a must-visit spot on Lesvos, offering a slice of paradise with a dash of history. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or exploring historical sites, Petra promises an unforgettable experience.

Best Hotels in Petra

  • (€€€) Hotel Deucalionelegant hotel with swimming pool, bar and breakfast, 400m from the private beach
  • (€€) Michaelia Hotela 2-star beachfront hotel with swimming pool, bar and breakfast
  • (€) Hotel Iliona 2-star beachfront hotel with breakfast and bar

6. Anaxos, where to stay in Lesvos with kids

Anaxos, Lesvos

Anaxos is the beach of the quaint village Skoutaros, located in the north of Lesvos, just 3 kilometers away from Petra and 56 kilometers from Mytilene. It stands out as one of the island’s most sought-after resorts, bustling with visitors every summer.

Spanning 700 meters, Anaxos Beach is renowned for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters that are deep enough to dive into yet welcoming for a relaxing swim.

It’s often celebrated as one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, partly organized with wooden sunbeds available from the surrounding beach bars. Moreover, you’ll find a variety of water sports available, catering to both the young and the young at heart.

When it comes to accommodation, Anaxos offers a charming selection of small hotels and studio/apartment options, ensuring there’s a cozy spot for everyone.

The area also boasts a plethora of dining and café options, perfect for refueling after a day in the sun or for enjoying a leisurely drink as the day winds down.

Best Hotels in Anaxos

7. Skala Kallonis, a quiet place to stay in Lesvos

Skala Kallonis
Skala Kallonis

Skala Kallonis, nestled within the serene Kalloni Bay and a mere 42 kilometers from Mytilene, is a haven of tranquility, perfect for families seeking a peaceful retreat.

The area is dominated by a vast sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for children to safely splash around in, although you might encounter some seaweed along the way.

A charming small marina adds to the scenery, hosting boats and yachts, surrounded by delightful little shops for a coffee break or a tasty meal.

Accommodation options in Skala Kallonis are plentiful and wallet-friendly. For a broader range of necessities or a change of scenery, the town of Kalloni— one of Lesvos’ larger towns, or rather a small city—is just 3.8 kilometers away, offering everything you might need during your stay.

Best Hotels in Skala Kallonis

  • (€€) Kalloni Baya 3-star hotel with swimming pool with bar and restaurant, 30m from the beach
  • (€€) Malemi Organic Hotela 3-star hotel with 2 swimming pools, breakfast and bar, 500m from the beach
  • (€) Nancy Studiosmodern studios with balcony and free parking

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