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Where to Stay in Lisbon with Family and Kids

Are you on the hunt for the best family-friendly neighborhoods for your Lisbon escapade? Let's embark on a journey to unveil the choicest 'barrios' for an unforgettable family adventure.
Where to Stay in Lisbon with Family and Kids

Isn’t there something irresistible about seizing a long weekend for a delightful escape?

Lisbon, with its magnificent waterfront allure, quaint trams humming down the cobbled streets, lush green gardens offering tranquility amidst urban hustle, and fado taverns echoing with heart-warming tunes, is a city that simply shines.

Trust me, comparing Lisbon’s tempestuous history to Cristiano Ronaldo being merely ‘adequate’ is a serious downplay.

Lisbon, seated majestically atop seven challenging slopes, has battled nature’s wrath – earthquakes and tsunamis in 1755, a consuming fire in 1988, and the relentless tide of the Great Recession leading to widespread joblessness.

Yet, in an awe-inspiring rebound, it has phoenix-like, risen to take its place amongst Europe’s most vibrant, charming cities.

So, you’ve chosen Lisbon for your next urban retreat? Bravo! Now, let’s guide you to the best neighborhoods, ideal for a visit with your mini adventurers in Lisbon.

Your clan might be fans of majestic fortresses, drooling over the creamy, flaky delight of pastel de nata or eager to catch waves at the sun-kissed Cascais beaches, but don’t you fret.

We at Adventourely, armed with meticulous research, are eager to guide you to the must-visit spots in Lisbon for a memorable family vacation.

Get ready to dive into the secrets of the most family-friendly quarters of Lisbon. Dive right in for the full scoop!

1. Baixa

Lisbon seen from São Jorge Castle
Lisbon seen from São Jorge Castle

Imagine nesting your lively brood right at the heart of Lisbon’s bustling downtown scene, in the vibrant, rejuvenated neighbourhood of Baixa

Your trendy teenagers, eager for a taste of independence, will revel in the chic boutiques and hip bars that continually sprout up in the city’s most happening quarter. 

Picture them leisurely strolling through the charismatic barrios, soaking up the city vibes, enjoying the vibrant sights, and sampling the irresistible pastries from one of the Art Nouveau cafés – where legends like Fernando Pessoa once conjured up their celebrated works. 

Meanwhile, Sao Jorge Castle – a lofty, grand fortress with a commanding view of Lisbon’s heart and the shimmering Tagus River – awaits your family’s exploration. Just hitch a ride on one of the quaint, old-school trams and get ready for a journey back in time.

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2. Belem

Belém Tower, a Manueline military outpost built in the Tagus river.
Belém Tower, a Manueline military outpost built in the Tagus river.

Belem, the shining star of Lisbon’s attractions, is the absolute family favourite. A historic precinct echoing with tales of grand maritime expeditions (remember the Spanish Armada of 1588?), it is brimming with museums that mesmerise not only grown-ups but also the young ones.

The Museum of Art and Technology (MAAT), designed by the illustrious British architect Amanda Levete, is sure to capture your teenager’s imagination, while the expansive roof-turned-public-park promises a perfect backdrop for their Instagram clicks.

Once your clan has had their fill of art and history, a visit to the legendary Pasteis de Belem, the pastry paradise dating back to 1837, is a must.

Bite into a warm pastel de nata, the heavenly pastry bursting with flavours of vanilla and cinnamon, under the shade of the courtyard trees. Believe me, it’s an experience to savour.

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3. Avenida da Liberdade

Prada's boutique on Avenida.
Prada's boutique on Avenida.

Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon’s pulsating commercial hub, often likened to the illustrious Champs Elysées, is more than just high-end luxury.

Your family would love the extensive green spread of Eduardo VII, the city’s most expansive park, or a charming ride up the city’s oldest funicular, Ascensor do Lavra.

No better way to reach Torel Garden (Jardim do Torel) from the Avenida! 

As for the designer boutiques lining the street, they might make your teenagers’ eyes pop, but they’re perfect for some cost-free window shopping. Plus, all of Lisbon’s signature sights are just a short stroll away!

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4. Cascais

Coast view of Cascais, Portugal.
Coast view of Cascais, Portugal.

If your clan’s ideal holiday features sun, sea, and sand, then Cascais is your sweet spot. Just a breezy 30-minute train ride from Lisbon, this charming seaside retreat provides a refreshing contrast to the capital’s hustle.

The town’s appeal isn’t a recent phenomenon – even King Luís I was captivated by it in the 1870s! Currently, it serves as a weekend haven for Portugal’s Prime Minister, António Costa.

Cascais is a picturesque canvas, with golden beaches and a myriad of water sports to keep both the adults and kiddos entertained.

Add in the close proximity to the whimsical town of Sintra – the pastel-hued wonder that charmed Lord Byron – and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a family holiday that’s nothing short of a fairytale.

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