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Where to Stay in Paros in 2024 – 7 BEST AREAS

Discover Paros' best places to stay, from the lively streets of Naoussa to the windsurfing paradise of Chrissi Akti.
Where to Stay in Paros

Paros sits at the heart of the Cyclades and shines as one of Greece’s most beloved destinations. Its tapestry of colorful Cycladic villages scattered across the island stirs up quite the wonder about where to best hang your hat. I’m here to clear up that conundrum, catering to your taste, travel buddies, and budget.

Ancient architecture is peppered across Paros, while sandy beaches with turquoise waters stir summer emotions. Here, the thrill of water sports and island tours are a given. And if you’re looking to switch gears from serene dining to bustling nightlife, Paros caters to all ages with ease.

Here’s my 7 best areas for a stay in Paros:

1. Naoussa, the best place to stay in Paros

Naoussa, Paros
Naoussa, Paros

Just a 10-kilometer journey from the bustling Parikia, the island’s capital, Naoussa is a gem tucked away on the northern coast. This quaint Cycladic fishing village masterfully blends its charming traditions with the thriving holiday package industry without losing an ounce of its authentic allure.

When it comes to the great debate on where to stay in Paros, Parikia or Naoussa, I find myself swooning over the latter.

Naoussa unfurls in a crescent around its petite harbor, boasting whitewashed homes with signature blue shutters that I find irresistibly picturesque. The village’s winding, stone-paved alleys lead eagerly to the main square, inviting a leisurely stroll.

Despite its embrace of tourism, Naoussa clings firmly to its roots. Shops brimming with souvenirs for travelers dot the landscape, promising keepsakes for every visitor.

The Venetian castle ruins stand as a silent testament to the village’s storied past, conjuring images of bygone grandeur, while the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary offers sweeping views. Nearby, the Church of Saint Nicholas houses a Byzantine Museum, showcasing 13th-century icons of remarkable heritage.

The harbor, with its local businesses, seafood restaurants, and colorful fishing boats, becomes a bustling hub by day and a photogenic haven by night. It’s a magnet for camera enthusiasts in search of that perfect shot.

The bay is lined with accessible sandy beaches, perfect for every mode of exploration, be it on foot, by bike, by car, or by boat.

For the foodies, octopus is a local delicacy cherished by residents and tourists alike. A walk along the waterfront presents a spectacle of octopus drying in the sun, teasing the palate before you’ve even taken a seat.

And as the sun sets, the nightlife here caters to every taste, with a mix of tranquil cafes and lively bars to suit any mood. Whether you’re looking for a quiet night out or a lively evening, Naoussa has it all.

Best Hotels in Naoussa

2. Parikia, best place to stay in Paros for attractions

Parikia, Paros
Parikia, Paros

Parikia, nestled in the middle of Paros’s west coast, is the beating heart and bustling port of the island. It’s the first sight you’ll see, whether you’re flying in just 9 kilometers south or stepping off the ferry into its embrace.

I’m partial to a place where convenience meets charm, and Parikia ticks all the boxes. It’s a hub of commerce and culture, brimming with all the comforts and amenities one could desire on a vacation.

The quintessential Cycladic charm weaves its magic here as well – bursts of color from bougainvillea and jasmine spilling from balconies, a visual feast against the whitewashed buildings.

For those keen on stepping back in time, the old town offers a slice of tradition. Its main commercial lifeline, Lochagos Fokianos Street, bustles with activity and local flair.

Take a stroll down Yiannis Paris Street, lined with palm trees, and you’ll find the epicenter of nightlife stretching from Bountaraki Mill to Livadia. The scene is alive with an array of hotels, late-night bars, diverse eateries, and shops catering to every taste under the starlit sky.

The sacred sanctuaries of Parikia are a testament to its historical depth, with churches like the Ekatontapiliani and Saint Helen standing as venerable landmarks amidst the island’s Byzantine treasures.

For the adventurous at heart, the Monastery of Christ of the Forest perches atop a hill offering breathtaking vistas across to Antiparos – a sight not to be missed.

And if greenery over ruins is your call, the Valley of Butterflies, a mere 4 kilometers away, is a lush escape among cypress and fruit-laden trees, intertwined with ivies and fragrant laurels.

Accommodation in Parikia caters to every pocket, from cozy apartments to luxury villas, ensuring a comfortable stay regardless of your budget. It’s the perfect launchpad for an island adventure or a tranquil retreat after a day of exploration.

Best Hotels in Parikia

3. Piso Livadi , best place to stay in Paros for families and kids

Piso Livadi, Paros
Piso Livadi, Paros

Imagine finding a family-friendly haven in Paros that ticks all the right boxes for a perfect stay – Piso Livadi is just that spot.

Nestled on the southeastern coast, Piso Livadi has blossomed from a quaint fishing village into a bustling tourist destination while maintaining its genuine charm. I’m partial to places that manage to blend growth with tradition, and this place does it with ease.

The harbor buzzes with boats arriving and departing, but the village’s sandy beach is a world apart. Shallow and safe, it’s ideal for children and comes decked out with sun loungers and umbrellas—a parent’s dream for a stress-free beach day.

For the little adventurers, a playground near the harbor provides endless fun. Meanwhile, adults can revel in the array of bars, shops, and restaurants. The village isn’t just a treat for the eyes but the palate too, boasting some of the island’s finest culinary delights. I must say, I’m always up for a gourmet experience that’s also kid-friendly.

If you’re up for a change of scenery, Logaras Beach is a mere five-minute stroll away. It’s quieter with fewer amenities, but the trees lining the beach offer a natural canopy of shade. It’s the simplicity here that I find really appealing.

And for those who love to explore, the nearby traditional villages of Marpissa, Marmara, and Prodromos are a cultural feast, and the renowned Golden Beach is just a 4 km journey south. It’s the blend of accessibility and exploration that makes Piso Livadi stand out.

Piso Livadi offers a wide range of accommodations to suit any need, making it a stellar choice for visitors of all ages. It’s places like this that offer a bit of everything, which I always find to be a thoughtful touch in a holiday destination.

Best Hotels in Piso Livadi

4. Lefkes, best village to stay in Paros for nature lovers

Lefkes, Paros
Lefkes, Paros / photo: wikipedia

Perched 300 meters high and 10 kilometers southeast of Parikia, this village was the medieval capital of Paros, surrounded by pine forests and olive groves. Walking through Lefkes is a treat—with its car-free cobblestone streets, it retains a charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. Two parking areas at the village outskirts cater to those arriving by car, making it convenient yet undisturbed by traffic.

Strolling down the main street, you’ll find a hub of local shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants serving up delicious Greek fare. Venture to the town’s edge, and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views stretching to Naxos Island. The surrounding hills are dotted with iconic windmills, and the area is rich with religious heritage, including several monasteries steeped in history.

The standout Church of the Holy Trinity, dating back to 1830 and built from Parian marble, boasts a monumental facade and unique bell towers added in 1895.

For a peek into the past, the Folklore Museum displays a collection of everyday items donated by villagers, providing a tangible connection to early 20th-century life.

For hikers, there’s a historic trail leading to the nearby village of Prodromos and eventually to the beach, rumored to have Byzantine origins.

While Lefkes may not thrill the youngest travelers, it’s an ideal retreat for couples and singles, young and old, seeking a tranquil stay in Paros away from the usual tourist spots. Just be sure to book your accommodation in advance; spots fill up fast as many visitors come back year after year for this slice of paradise.

Best Hotels in Lefkes

5. Parasporos Beach, best place for the younger tourists

Parasporos Beach, Poros
Parasporos Beach, Poros

For the younger crowd looking for that perfect beach vibe on Paros, Parasporos Beach is your go-to spot. Imagine yourself lounging on a sprawling sandy beach with a sunbed and umbrella, sipping cocktails by the sea—Parasporos offers all that and more.

Nestled on the island’s western coast, this beach is a picture-perfect setting with dramatic cliff backdrops and lush pine forests. And it’s only a short three-kilometer trip from Parikia.

Behind the beach, you’ll find a bustling scene of hotels, apartments, and villas. There’s also a sizeable camping area nearby, a hit among young travelers. It can make the place quite lively, especially when it fills with a vibrant crowd.

Best Hotels in Parasporos

6. Alyki

Alyki Paros
Alyki Paros / photo: wikipedia

Alyki is Paros’s hidden gem, a serene beach settlement situated at the island’s southernmost tip, a mere 12 kilometers from Parikia and conveniently close to the local airport.

With each passing year, Alyki’s popularity is on the rise, and so are its accommodations. In fact, the place has grown so much it’s begun to merge with the neighboring village of Angeria.

Beyond its three stunning beaches, Alyki is a paradise for the active soul. Sports enthusiasts can revel in the football, volleyball, and basketball facilities. When night falls, the traditional shops, buzzing bars, and restaurants offer a feast for the senses with their myriad of nighttime activities.

The area around Alyki boasts an ample selection of lodgings, with many being freshly built to accommodate the modern traveler. If you’re after that blend of new and traditional, Alyki’s burgeoning scene won’t disappoint.

Best Hotels in Alyki

7. Chrissi Akti, best place to stay in Paros for wind and kite surfing

Chrissi Akti, Paros
Chrissi Akti, Paros

Chrissi Akti (golden beach in greek) in Paros is a windsurfing and kitesurfing haven, thanks to the near-constant winds gracing its 700-meter shoreline. It’s the island’s hotspot for these thrilling water sports.

Come August, Chrissi Akti hosts the Windsurfing World Cup, which is quite the spectacle, drawing enthusiasts from across the globe. The beachfront is lined with windsurfing schools and rental shops, making it the perfect spot for both rookies and pros to catch the breeze.

The beach is superbly maintained with rentable sun loungers and umbrellas, vibrant beach bars, and a variety of water sports centers. The waters are as inviting as they are clear, tempting you in for a dip or a sail.

Just north of Chrissi Akti, there’s a smaller sandy retreat, affectionately known as “New Chrissi Akti”, offering a quieter alternative with the same stunning conditions.

For day-trippers, getting to the beach is a breeze with well-connected roads leading straight to the sea. Plus, there’s frequent bus service from the capital and surrounding areas, including the airport, so you can come and go as you please. Whether you’re here to ride the waves or just soak up the sun, Golden Beach is where you want to be.

Best Hotels in Chrissi Akti

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