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Where to Stay in Zakynthos in 2024 – 10 BEST AREAS

Discover Zakynthos' best places to stay with our curated list of top accommodations for every traveler's taste and budget.
Where to Stay in Zakynthos in 2023 - 10 BEST AREAS

Considering a trip to Zakynthos? I’ve crafted a guide to the finest accommodations in Zakynthos, from serene beachfront locales to bustling town centers and opulent retreats. In our overview, I weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each area, customized to suit your travel preferences, budget, and length of stay. To ease your trip planning, we highlight standout hotels, charming villas, and cozy apartments.

1. Zakynthos Town: best area to stay for first time

Zakynthos Town
Zakynthos Town / photo: wikipedia

The town’s history is a testament to resilience. Following the devastating 1953 earthquake, the town was quickly rebuilt, with a focus on preserving its old-world charm. Today, it’s a delightful blend of Venetian history and modern harbor facilities.

Begin your exploration at Solomos Square, crowned by the statue of Dionysios Solomos. Around it, you’ll find the Public Library and the Post-Byzantine Museum. A short stroll away is the church of Saint Dionysius, the island’s patron saint. This buzzing area boasts shops, cafes, bars, and eateries galore.

Don’t miss other town highlights like St. Mark’s Square, also known as Freedom Square, with its iconic Freedom Tree. Swing by the Solomos & Eminent Zakynthians Museum and, of course, the Venetian Castle perched on a rock, offering panoramic port views.

At the harbor’s end, there’s a beach beloved by tourists and locals alike. In the heart of the town, family-run tavernas serve mouthwatering dishes, while bars play live music and nightclubs keep the party alive till dawn.

Best Hotels in Zakynthos town

* During my visit, I stayed at Yria Hotel (⭐ 8.1) right by the port in Zakynthos town. Think minimalist decor, earthy tones, and top-notch facilities. My friend and I snagged a twin room with a sea-facing balcony. Their breakfast? Divine. And kudos for the strong WiFi and complimentary parking – I’d go back in a heartbeat!

2. Tsilivi: best area to stay in Zakynthos for families

Tsilivi Beach
Tsilivi Beach

Nestled in the island’s northeast, a mere 5 km hop from Zakynthos town and 9 km from its airport, it’s where families flock.

I’ve always been smitten by its pristine sandy shores, brimming with water sports and beachside fun.

And, talk about kid-friendly!

With the Blue Flag waving, it assures safety for the little ones, while offering delightful distractions for the grown-ups.

You’re spoiled for choice here: beachside shops, supermarkets, souvenir stops, even chic boutiques and jewelry stores.

And the food?

Tantalizing taverns, cafes, and restaurants fill the air with delicious aromas.

And when night falls, romance the evening with a sumptuous dinner or sip a drink in one of its mellow bars.

Best Hotels in Tsilivi

3. Psarou – Ammoudi: Zakynthos' Secret Slice of Paradise

Psarou, Zakynthos
Psarou, Zakynthos

Yearning for tranquillity away from the bustle? Let me let you in on a secret: Psarou.

Adjacent to Ammoudi and near Zakynthos town, this northern coast jewel has kept its traditional allure.

Truly untouched, Psarou is one of the seven Blue Flag beaches on the island.

But don’t expect sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere, just in front of some rental apartments.

The narrow, sandy stretch with turquoise waters is a dream for both toddlers and teens.

If you’re hoping for water sports or a bustling beach scene, you might want to look elsewhere.

This is a place to relax, reflect, and revel in simplicity.

You’ve got some apartment complexes, boutique hotels, and villas for stay.

Best Hotels in Psarou - Ammoudi

4. Alykes/Alykanas: Relaxed Family Vibes in Zakynthos

Alykes Zakynthos
Alykes Zakynthos

Alykon village, oh how picturesque! Hosting four main beaches—Alykanas, Alykes, Psarou, and Ammoudi—it’s where families and couples find solace.

Warm, serene, shallow, and sandy, these shores are postcard-perfect.

While they may not be laden with touristy frills, you’ll find the essentials—a quaint cantina here and there.

For a more vibrant scene, head to the village’s heart.

Engulfed by fertile vineyards and olive groves, Alykon is begging to be explored—whether on foot, by bike, or even on horseback.

If you’re pondering where to crash, Alykes and Alykanas boast a range from cozy B&Bs to luxe hotels, catering to all budgets.

Best Hotels in Alykanas

5. Agios Nikolaos (Skinari)

Makrys Gialos beach
Makrys Gialos beach / photo: wikipedia

Trust me, there’s nothing like wandering into the heart of Zakynthos and discovering the allure of Agios Nikolaos. It’s not your standard holiday hotspot but rather a mesmerizing harbor – a real breath of fresh air!

While the main beach might be pebbly, it’s a favorite among families seeking those idyllic moments of peace, far from the buzzing tourist spots. A moment here, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves, and you’ll understand why.

But there’s more to this gem than meets the eye. Take a jaunt to the village of Volímes and treat yourself to some local treasures. Imagine savoring artisanal cheese, indulging in rich wine, drizzling golden honey on fresh bread, or picking up some exquisite ceramics. And don’t get me started on the seaside charm of Makrys Gialos and its inviting sandy embrace.

Oh, and did I mention the water here? It’s like nature’s own spa, rich in sulfur. Perfect for melting away those pains or, dare I say, even that pesky cellulite.

After you’ve immersed yourself in the beauty and essence of the place, there’s a delightful array of local shops, quaint cafes, lively bars, and mouth-watering taverns to delve into. And when it comes to resting your head, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of hotels and guesthouses that exude Grecian charm.

Best Hotels in Agios Nikolaos

6. Argasi, best area to stay in Zakynthos for couples

Argassi is a seaside resort 3 km from Zakynthos Town. It’s popular with couples because it’s close to the capital and Vasilikos beaches.

The main street in Argassi has many souvenir shops, mini markets, restaurants, bars, and a pharmacy. In the evening, you can take a bus or taxi to Zakynthos Town for just €7.

There, you can dine at a sea-view restaurant. For lively nightlife, visit The Barrage, the island’s top club. It hosts famous theme nights on Tuesdays and Fridays.

But don’t just lounge and indulge (tempting as that is). Dive into Argasi’s history. There’s the Argasi Bridge, which is quite the spectacle as it arches into the sea. And for those looking to climb to heavenly views, the Church of Panagia perches atop Mount Skopos, whispering tales from 1624.

Thinking of settling down in Argasi even for a short stint? From cozy studios and spacious apartments to luxurious hotels and villas, you’ll find the perfect nest to rest and dream.

Best Hotels in Argasi

7. Vasilikos: Zakynthos’ Unspoiled Nature Retreat

Gerakas / photo: wikipedia

Away from the typical tourist bustle, it feels like stepping into nature’s private quarters. This gem, cocooned in flourishing flora, vibrant fauna, manicured olive groves, and intoxicating pine forests, screams serenity. And if you’re like me, ever in search of peace and tranquility, this place will be your haven.

You’d think you’re worlds away, but it’s just a few miles from the bustling city. And oh, the village charm here! Antique stone houses, traditional taverns, and dining spots that are nothing short of culinary adventures. And here’s my soft spot: the beaches. They’re pristine, and some even play host to the endangered Caretta-Caretta turtles – a sight that tugs at your heartstrings.

While some beaches ooze simplicity, others up their game with establishments offering both time-honored Greek delights and global flavors. Imagine sipping on a coffee, lounging under an umbrella, and maybe even diving into some aquatic escapades.

Settling in Vasilikos for a while? Well, I wouldn’t blame you. Though the village whispers calm, it’s brimming with adventures waiting to be seized. And whether it’s hotels, cozy rooms, cottages, or villas you’re after, you’ll find your dream hideaway right here.

Best Hotels in Vasilikos

8. Kalamaki: The Turtle-Treasured Beach

Kalamaki Beach
Kalamaki Beach

Imagine a beach not far from the bustling heartbeat of Zakynthos’ capital, just 6 kilometers away, and even closer to the airport at a mere 3 kilometers. This is Kalamaki, a spread of sun-kissed sands nestled in the embrace of Laganas Bay. And if you’re traveling with little ones, as I often suggest to my friends, the shallow, kid-friendly waters here make it their paradise.

But there’s more to Kalamaki than meets the eye. It’s the nesting playground for the enchanting Caretta-Caretta turtles. When these ancient mariners lay their eggs, certain zones turn sacred, protecting the future hatchlings. Take your kids; let them be enthralled by tales of these turtles.

Strolling along Kalamaki’s streets is an experience of its own. From handy supermarkets to chic boutiques flaunting stylish apparels and bags to souvenir shops that whisper memories of the island, it’s all there. But, if the dance of nightlife beckons you, take a short 3-kilometer jaunt to the clubs in Laganas – Kalamaki’s surroundings serenade the quieter souls.

Considering a stay at Kalamaki? Well, it’s not just about the turtles and the beach. From cozy studios and apartments to luxurious hotels flaunting spas, there’s a haven waiting just for you.

Best Hotels in Kalamaki

9. Laganas, best area to stay in Zakynthos for nightlife

Laganas / photo: wikipedia

When summer calls and the sea beckons, how do you imagine spending your days? If it’s with a book on a quiet shore, then maybe Laganas isn’t your scene. But if your spirit yearns for pulsating beats and nights that feel like they’ll never end, welcome to the heart of Zakynthos’ revelry!

Nestled on the island’s southern embrace, Laganas has been the legendary playground for party-goers for years. Its sweeping 9 km sandy stretch is not just a magnet for the young and the restless, but also an inviting spot for families. Here, the beach offers more than just azure views – with loungers, beach bars, and restaurants adding comfort to the spectacle.

Now, here’s a personal note: while the vibes may tempt you to jump into some jet-skiing, remember the waters are off-limits for such activities. Laganas beach holds a treasured secret. It’s under the watchful eye of Zakynthos’ National Marine Park, safeguarding the nesting grounds of our beloved Caretta-Caretta turtles.

Wander around the central hub of Laganas and you’ll be greeted with stores offering everything from fresh produce, trendy attire to those little keepsakes that’ll remind you of the Grecian sun. Hungry? Whether you’re craving traditional Greek delicacies or international flavors, this place has got you covered.

With over 100 bars, from karaoke joints to those pumping the latest tracks, the party here doesn’t stop till the sun hints at a new day. So, lace up those dancing shoes!

Best Hotels in Laganas

10. Keri, best area in Zakynthos for exploration

Mizithres, Zakynthos
Mizithres, Zakynthos

Ever dreamt of a tranquil village perched on an island’s edge? Keri, tucked away on Zakynthos’ southeastern tip, is that dream come alive. The allure doesn’t stop at its mountainous charm. A few minutes’ descent reveals a cozy pebbled beach – not yet tainted by commercialism but still managing to pamper its visitors with some simple luxuries.

Get lost (in a good way!) meandering through Keri’s quaint streets. Personally, there’s nothing quite like the charm of the village’s narrow alleys, lined with stone cottages that whisper tales of yesteryears. The heart of the village boasts local shops, and let me tell you, those seaside tavernas serving the freshest seafood are a little slice of heaven.

Many visitors gravitate towards Keri’s coastal zone, lured by the broader array of accommodations and a slightly more vibrant nightlife. But if you’re anything like me, craving an authentic experience, consider nestling into hillside rooms, chic apartments, or even some of the newer hotels that have recently sprung up.

But here’s the crown jewel: Not far from Keri, you’ll encounter the majestic Mizithres. Two colossal rocks standing tall amidst the azure, right by the shoreline. Trust me, it’s a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. So, ready for an adventure?

Best Hotels in Keri

How to Get to Zakynthos

By Sea:

  • From Kyllini: Start your voyage from the picturesque port of Kyllini in the northwest Peloponnese. The drive? An easy 3.5 hours from Athens or just an hour from vibrant Patras. And the best part? In the summertime, you’re spoilt for choice with up to 10 ferries zipping across the azure daily. The journey? A breezy 1 hour and 15 minutes. As for the fare, you’re looking at a reasonable €12.50.
  • From Kefalonia: Feeling a bit more adventurous? How about a ferry ride from the port of Sami in Kefalonia? Be ready to savor the scenic 3-hour journey, as the islands play hide and seek on the horizon.

Craving specifics on schedules and tickets? Dive into ferryhopper – it’s my personal go-to!

By Air:

  • If you’re anything like me and occasionally favor speed, Zakynthos welcomes you with open arms (and a runway!). Boasting its very own Dionysios Solomos International Airport, the island effortlessly connects to Athens. And here’s a pro tip: for some irresistible flight deals to Zakynthos, do a quick search online at Aegean Airlines. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised! Safe travels!

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