Where to Stay in Agistri - 2 BEST AREAS

Where to Stay in Agistri – 2 BEST AREAS

Summer is here, and you’re still hanging out in Athens? I’d strongly suggest you take a break from the capital’s hustle and bustle and embark on an adventure to Agistri. It’s a slice of paradise in the Saronic Gulf that could be your new favourite getaway, and here’s why:

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Athens, Agistri is one of those nearby islands that begs to be explored. A whopping 80% of the island is decked out in green, making it the perfect destination for all you hiking enthusiasts out there. Plus, you won’t need a car (the entire island only spans 14 square km), but you’ll find a mix of buzzing and secluded beaches, depending on what your heart desires. Intrigued about how to reach Agistri?

One of the perks of these small isles near Athens is their easy accessibility. Regular ferry boats and hydrofoils depart from Piraeus daily, whisking you away to your island paradise in just an hour (or a bit more if you opt for the slower boat).

Agistri boasts two ports: you’ll alight at Skala or Megalochori (also known as Mylos) depending on your chosen vessel. The ferry takes you to Skala, while the hydrofoil docks at Megalochori.

These two ports also double up as great lodging options. Just a couple of kilometres apart, you can easily stroll from one to the other in 15-20 minutes, so don’t sweat the journey. Instead, focus on finding your perfect digs in your preferred locale.

1. Skala, best area to stay in Agistri for families

Skala, a village well-renowned in the island of Agistri, could be your perfect family vacation spot. As the primary port of the island, Skala greets guests from Piraeus and neighbouring Aegina with a diverse range of amenities, providing everything a visitor might need. As one of the island’s largest villages, it is a hotspot teeming with restaurants, cafes, and nighttime entertainment options. Some even suggest that Skala offers the best food on the island!

The village prides itself on its beach, a shallow, safe, sandy haven that is easy to access, perfect for families and children. Tired of splashing around? You can easily and quickly reach the stunning Dragoneira Beach or the secluded Chalikiada Beach on foot or by bicycle. The scenic route alone makes the trip worthwhile.

In addition to the tourist facilities, do not miss a visit to the turquoise-domed Church of Agioi Anargyroi, which dominates the village landscape. Add a little more adventure to your experience with a climb to the quaint Church of Panagia located in Metochi village on top of a hill. The panoramic views from there are undoubtedly rewarding, offering you a bird’s-eye view of all of Agistri.

For convenience, buses depart from Skala to Megalochori, Limenaria, Dragoneira, and Aponisos. Skala ensures you are well-connected to all parts of the island. So whether you prefer lounging on the beach, exploring local eateries, or soaking in the cultural heritage, Skala offers you a myriad of possibilities to create unforgettable memories.

Best Hotels to stay in Skala

2. Megalochori

Meet Megalochori, or as it’s fondly known, Milos, thanks to the picturesque windmill perched at the edge of the village. This place isn’t just a village; it’s the vibrant heart of Agistri. Here, you’ll find the island’s secondary port, the unsung hero easing the hustle and bustle of the primary one. It’s where those glistening sea dolphins from Piraeus harbour dock, and where the marina refuels, ready for the next voyage.

Should you choose to hang your hat in Megalochori, there’s an absolute gem you shouldn’t miss. That’s the Church of Zoodochou Pigis. Dating back to 1885, this place is a testament to the island’s rich history. But there’s more. Meander through the narrow streets, and let yourself be enchanted by the village homes. The beauty of the old stone, the very fabric of their construction, remains a sight to behold even today.

When it’s time to dip your toes, head to the nearby beach. It’s a pebbly paradise washed by the clear, cobalt blue waters, a sight so mesmerising, you’ll forget all about the sand. But what’s the cherry on the top? The sunsets, my friend. Believe me when I say, there’s no place better on the island to drink in the day’s final golden moments. It’s a spectacle that will leave your heart aching for just one more day in Megalochori.

Best Hotels to stay in Megalochori

The beauty of this island lies in its size – it’s small, intimate, easy to navigate. Each pocket of this charming place is within a stone’s throw. No better, no worse area to stay, because the entire island is your playground. Whether you fancy a brisk walk from one district to another or you’re game for a cycling adventure, you’ve got it. Now, the island does love to flirt with inclines, so make sure you’re up for a bit of a challenge if you choose to pedal.

But fret not, for those seeking a breezier ride, scooters are your ticket to effortless exploration. The island’s contours, the breezes, and the scenic routes – they’re all part of the package.

So buckle up for the ride, because, no matter what, you’re in for a treat. This trip will capture a piece of your heart and keep you coming back, yearning for more of its magical allure. Trust me, once you’ve tasted Agistri’s charm, you’ll find yourself returning, again and again, drawn back to its captivating embrace.

Consider a quick hop to Aegina from Agistri for a blend of rich history and vibrant energy. Aegina offers enough to fill a day or a week, with bustling cafes, ancient landmarks, and diverse shopping experiences. Now, where to stay in Aegina? For the full cultural immersion, settle for a charming guesthouse nestled in the heart of Aegina Town. As neighboring islands, Aegina and Agistri offer unique and complementary experiences to every traveler.

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